Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finding life in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Suddenly we already have Saturday. As I have mentioned before, here the days pass by rapidly. Today I got to help put away the buffet breakfast we serve in the mornings here in the hotel. It’s a treat working in a hotel, because here you always find fresh food and especially fruit. I love it. The first morning I ate from the breakfast, I jumped immediately to the fruit. What a treat to eat fresh pineapple, strawberries, water melon and kiwi every day.

Next Tuesday I will move to another hotel, where there are staff lodging. Then will see if the breakfast there is as good as here. It’s a shame though. I’ve got used to my room already. I heard that the staff lodging is underground, that didn’t sound tempting at all. But as long as I have a decent shower, toilet and internet access, I’m alright. The other hotel owned by the same couple as mine is called Hotel Alisei, . It’s a little bit bigger than the one I’m working at, and has a pool. The rooms seem nice also at Alisei, but here we have six new rooms that really are of my liking. If you ever have the chance, check out the deluxe rooms at my hotel.

I found a funny website about Lignano Sabbiadoro when I was surfing. For those of you readers that are interested, have a look at . Here you can read about the history of the place, also the origins of the name Lignano. The reason why I found the site was that I wanted to show you the restaurant. I went to this restaurant with G and her boyfriend on Monday, and had a great pizza.
Yesterday I spent a great evening with G, my new collogue. She took me to the center of Sabbiadoro, another area about 2 km from where my hotel is situated. The peninsula where my workplace is situated is divided into three parts; Riviera, Pineta and Sabbiadoro. Riveria is the western part of the peninsula is predominantly residential, with small villas, low rise houses and pine trees. Pineta right in the centre of the town features a modest commercial center, popular beaches. Sabbiadoro at the Eastern end of the peninsula contains a bustling commercial center and soaring high rise condominiums Sabbiadoro is the area where the legendary Vodafone store was located. It is also the liveliest part of these three when it comes to going out in the evening. I and G headed to a bar called il Life Café, since G knew one of the bartenders working there. We had a lot of fun with the guys working at the bar, and seeing as there still aren’t that many people around, they were happy to have us there. We even got some toasts there, so we stayed until about twelve o’clock.

G had her birthday yesterday, so we are celebrating it tonight. We’ll go for an aperitivo (finger food+drinks at a reasonable price) somewhere, and then probably head back to the Life Café. It’s such a nice place with sofas and music. As a lounge bar, it’s perfect. The cocktails weren’t that expensive either. Since G knows the bartender, we had two cocktails for free yesterday.


  1. hi, i'm going on 24 of august in sabbiadoro, i'm life tourist and i need a place to stay for 3 days. As i can see the camp sites have high tent prices(30 euro/day), so i was wandering how can i find a place for less? I'd apreciate your big help.

  2. I'm sorry, I left Lignano Sabbiadoro in June 2009...