Monday, December 28, 2009

Newfound beauties...

Today I found this amazing internet site with headbands! Check it out! They're gorgeous!
Here are some of my favorites, which is yours?
Enjoy! Pamper yourself!

Christmas list

This year my wish list for Christmas was quite modest. I don't feel I really need anything. And besides that, I'm really critical to all presents I receive. Not that I wouldn't be thankful but the more the giver is important to me, the more I ask and demand from the gift. Silly, right? Therefore I actually hate opening presents. I prefer giving them.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to give my mother a house cleaning for Christmas. Besides that I gave her only small items like a book, a cd and a combined present with her fiancé that included pampering products from going to the sauna. I also gave her some fabric place mats that she liked.

For my mother's fiancé I made a t-shirt with printed photos of the family, Molly (my mother's and her fiancé's dog), my mom and them together. He really liked that and actually got touched when opening the present. I also found a great (?) dvd telling about how to handle fish that I gave him. His passion is fishing so I found it quite suitable. I also gave him a calender to put on the wall with pictures of the Finnish nature since he loves travelling with the boarders of Finland.

For my grandmother I had bought together with my mom a kind of basket for her dog to lay in. She was thrilled about that because her dog means everything to her. I also gave her a poncho and some gloves.

My sister received a jewelley box with a photo of me, her and our dad on top. I had specially made it for her. Everybody that know my sister, know how crazy she is about jewellery so I thought the present was just right for her. I also gave her a jewellery set with a necklace and earrings, a book, a ring, a turquoise fan with feathers and and a make up kit. She's crazy about fans as well.

To my beloved boyfriend I had bought some silver jewellery even though he's worth gold, as dear as he is to me <3 He had been wanting a thicker silver chain, so I gave him that. Seeing as he loves motorcycles, I also gave him a necklace with a little motorcycle, as well a subscription of a motorcycle magazine for a year. He also received a t-shirt.

Just to mention a few presents that I received..I got Inglorious bastards (movie with my idol Brad Pitt) and an organic package including an oven mitt with a dragonfly, coffee, some black tea and a scarf and two pairs of socks. I also got a pair of boots and an outfit for being outdoors (water- and windresistant). Then I got a hair curler, a better one than I had. I also got a set of glasses for mulled wine (glögi). One of my favorite items was the green Mariskooli I received.

Beautiful and so elegant. Somebody had understood that the color of our kitchen is green, yey! All my hard work hasn't gone to waste! Heheh. I also got a beautiful dragonfly necklace.

Me and V got a combined present as well from his parents. It was great, filled with a lot of practical stuff like wine, a tea cup for lose tealeaves, a silicon piece that keeps the content of a tea mug warm, chocolate, teflon oven paper that is reusable and candles. What a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas markets..

Better late than never...

Christmas time in Helsinki stands for Christmas markets. Just before Christmas I attended two of them; the St. Thomas market at the Esplanade park and Wanha's traditional Christmas market.

The St. Thomas market offered a lot of touristic items like wooden items and knives from Lapland, as well as some items made by real Finnish blacksmiths. Wonderful things, but a little bit pricy for my taste! I enjoyed the most the food part, a food lover as I am. They had even some sellers that had come down from Lapland selling reindeer sausages in hot dogs. I found that interesting and exciting, even for a Helsinkian like me. The only item that I bought at the market was some personal Christmas cards with drawings on leaves. They were ironically from India.

Wanha's Christmas was crazy buzy when I went there on Saint Lucy's (Santa Lucia) day. Wanha, which is an old building where huge parties are held, was turned into this great Christmas market with more sellers than my eyes could comprehend. Like at typical Finnish markets, most of the products are handmade. I liked the most some pieces with dragonflies, which is quite predictable since I'm in love with dragonflies and consider them my personal symbol. There were also other interesting sellers, like the company called ANNA PUSU (in Finnish: give me a kiss). They make necklaces with photos. You can order their necklaces directly through internet. They looked amazing! I highly recommend you to have a look!

How it feels to fly

Have u ever felt so strong,
That it made u feel weak?
Long days, long nights, and u just cant sleep
Have u ever been so sure,
That it gave u cold feet?
Gotcha floatin on air, u can feel ur heart beat
Well I never knew this feeling ever
Now I hope it stays and lasts forever
I am running
I dont wanna come down,
Hope my wings dont fail me now
And if I can touch the sky
I'd risk the fall
Just to know how it feels to fly
(yeah, yeah , yeah ,yeah,)
Say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Have u ever felt so lost,
But didnt know 'til u were found
Lookin' everywhere but u finally see now
In a room full of people,
You feel like no one's around
Gotcha head in the clouds and ur feet are off the ground
Say I never knew this feeling ever
Now I hope it stays and lasts forever
I am running
I dont wanna come down
Hope my wings dont fail me now
And if I can touch the sky
I'd risk the fall
Just to know how it feels to fly
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Say, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeaahh!
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
We got to go
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah )
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,)
(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I am running
I dont wanna come down
Hope my wings dont fail me now
And if I can touch the sky
I'd risk the fall
Just to know how it feels to fly
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah

Love the song, love Alicia's outfit on the cover!
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Never a failure, always a lesson

I've been thinking about taking a new tattoo now for some time, therefore I'm super attentive to all tattoo-related-news that I hear. Today I heard about Rihanna's newest tattoo, a mirrowed text that says "Never a failure, always a lesson". She has placed above her left breast. I thought the idea was nice with having something mirrowed but I'm not sure yet if I would was a picture or a text. After all, with text there's always the problem with choosing in what language to write the text. Since English isn't my mother tongue, wouldn't it be strange to tattoo something on me in that? Pictures after all are global and cross country and language barriers.

The Ofelia market's treats

The evenings might have become darker, and the summer colors turned into shades of grey but fortunately the darkening hours bring interesting events to Helsinki! Last weekend I went to the Ofelia market, a market put together in honor of alternative clothing. Last weekend it was organized for the third time in the culture arena Gloria in Helsinki and it was at the same time celebrating its first anniversary.

The themes for the clothes on sale were Burlesque, Gothic, Lolita, Retro, Rock n' Roll and Vintage. I thought these themes were very well chosen as they really show the new or already existing alternative clothing trends we have here in Helsinki.

The whole event was organized in a funny way. The designers themselves were there, telling about their unique clothing items on sale. Some new trends were also possible to see. I'll fill you in one some of my favorites.

Silly Idol ( was one of my favorites designers represented in the market. I especially liked the designers leather ribbon necklaces.

Humbugi Asuste ( also offered something new, something they call leggings (damaskit in Finnish) but in reality is something completely different. They sell used pieces of leather sofas as warmers/heaters for your feet. Look at these beauties! They suit best shoes with some heals in order to look their best. They combine two things: a good look and recycling, yey!

Friday, December 4, 2009

New tourism related TV show on Finnish TV, finally!

Lately Finland has been crazed about reality TV shows about real people at their work place. We have TV shows about police men, nurses, doctors and so on. Today I heard about something refreshing and of course interesting for me since it's related to my field of study.

In spring 2010 we're getting a new TV show "Matkaoppaat", telling about Finnish travel/tour guides abroad. The show is going to be showed by our TV channel Nelonen. As far as I know the show is going to have 40 episodes, starting with one filmed in Alanya, Turkey.

The leading stars in this show is going to be the actual guides, whose job is something completely different from just holidaying. The guides days are filled with work tasks like solving tourists' problems, hosting trips, taking care of tourists' needs and rearranging their own life in a foreign country.

I can't wait to see this show! Already on the web site of Nelonen it's possible to see sneekpeaks of the shows and the tourists seem just as adorable as I would immagine. Something completely new and tourism related, yey!

Cheating on a nail salon

For some time now, beginning I believe in September-October I have tried gel nails. Already from the start I decided not to take long, fake looking ones but try to keep them short and natural looking. I must admit that I was very sceptical about the whole thing when I first made my appointment to a new nail salon in downtown Helsinki. Before going there I had had red finger nails almost for the whole summer. Red nail polish has been in for a long time now in Finland, although it not so in e.g. Italy. Therefore I didn't dare to use it during my internship there since it's considered a color of prostitutes or something like that.

After my first visit, my hands were hurting SO bad! I couldn't believe it. I know you never should wish you didn't have hands, but that was the only occasion in my life when I have actually wished that. I had problems with even sleeping since my hands were hurting so much. All this due to the smoothing and grinding of the nails.

Nevertheless, immediately I noticed how much time I saved in this way. Before, I had to wake up 1o minutes earlier each morning just to color my finger nails because the nail polish didn't last more than one day even with several layers. Now with the gel nails, I never have to think about my nails anymore. They're already done. All the time. So relaxing.

I have encountered some problems though that I didn't take into consideration in the beginning. First, after some time, my natural nails grow out and the gel nails start to look ugly. It's been difficult to determine how long of a pause I can have between my appointments. I have realized now that three weeks is the absolute maximum pause I can have without the nails looking horrific.
Secondly, if I run to the nail salon every three weeks, it going to cost a lot. Where to find the money?
Third, apparently the price goes up after three times since one's nails grow so much that the actual extension on the nail has fallen off and therefore the gel nail is natural color. Since I want a French manicure, that costs extra.

Due to all of these dilemmas, I have been thinking about going to different places in order to be able to compare them. Today I went to a completely new place, and the funniest part about it all is that it felt like cheating. It felt like I was cheating on the place where I usually go. How funny is that? But I must say that getting your nails fixed is comparable to going to a hairdresser, because you actually interact with the people working at the parlour. Therefore you get a kind of relation to them. And the most skilled women doing nails are of course Asians.

Today I realized that the first place I went to actually was good since I didn't like today's girl at all at the new place. She unfortunately didn't know that much Finnish and therefore didn't say almost anything to me during the whole hour I spent in the salon. I guess doing your nails is in some way a social act and it doesn't work without small talk.

I don't know when I'm going back. Every time I get them done, I tell myself this is the last time but then when I start to look at my nails after a couple of weeks, I just can't help myself from thinking about getting them fixed. Vicious circle.

Shake it!

Yesterday I celebrated the ending of the year, a kind of "small Christmas" with my dearest six class mates. Over the three and half years of studies, we have become a tight group sharing not only school stuff but continiously more personal issues. We're all different but we complete each other and enjoy each others company to the fullest.

We decided to have our traditional dinner at Huviretki, a restaurant situated in Kaisaniemi, an area close to the center of Helsinki. It's actually a part of a Cumulus hotel located next to the restaurant. I had read about it on the Finnish website where people can comment and rate restaurants and cafeterias. On the site it had got great ratings so that made me curious. The restaurant was quite quiet but the food was excellent. All of us seven girls ate different dishes but still all were satisfied. We had pizza with meat and blue cheese, pasta with mushrooms and reindeer, salmon and potatoes, chicken with fries, and even beefsteak. The menu was very wide, a big plus!

Afterwards we headed for Shaker, one of my favorite cocktails bars in Helsinki! They have such amazing drinks with funny names like Paris Hilton, Daim-Anne, Death of a Pornstar and so on. The names of course indicates that all of their cocktails are made in shakers and have unusual ingredients like candy or icecream. Delicious! After two cocktails and only six hours sleep thanks to the BSB boys, this girl shaked her ass home at around tenish.

A dream come true for the 13-year-old girl living inside me

How time flies. Last Wednesday I experienced a ten-year-old deja vu when I went to the Backstreet Boys concert held at Hartwall Areena, here in Helsinki. They first appearence in Helsinki happened in 1999! I was only 13!
This was actually my third BSB concert since I also saw them in Milan in 2007. But I must say that the wibe here in Helsinki was way better because everybody knew their lyrics! I must say that I have honestly never been to a more hysteric concert. The crowd was singing and dancing the whole time and didn't get tired at all during the whole concert. A proud moment for a Finn since we're known for being quiet and serious. There was no one serious in that arena on Wednesday!

Of course the guys have become less since Kevin, the oldest of the boys, has left the band and the tempo of the concerts has become slower, but I still must say that the concert was a wonderful experience. I wouldn't have changed it for anything! I could picture myself there, 13-years-old and it put a smile upon my face. I owe those guys so much. I mean, I grew up with them. Their songs have existed for such a long time and they never lose their glow.

I hope next time the boys come to Helsinki that they make a slower show, maybe even oriented towards their "older" fans, let say 20+, hehe...I mean I would actually appreciate a smaller concert where the guys would just sit down and sing. For me their voices are the most important parts of the show. They don't have to tire themselves with dancing. They still sing wonderfully, Brian of course being my favorite. Well done boys!

The new and fresh thing about this year's concert was of course the afterparty held at the nightclub called "the Tiger", in downtown Helsinki. The reason for the choice of club was obvious, the Tiger is the only one with a view over the whole city. Rumors about the actual boys attending had been circulating so the club was packed to the fullest- honestly I've never seen a Finnish nightclub that full. Guys even started to climb on tables and poles etc. I wanted to believe that the boys would show up, and as it happened two of them did. Unfortunately for my sake, Brian wasn't one of them. I was equally happy when I saw Nick and Howie though. It would just have made the 13-year-old girl living in me happy to see her big time teen idol live close by. It was actually funny, the club was so crowded that one had the squeeze oneself through to pass the corridors. I was standing in the corridor with my sis and class mate when somebody pushed me. I was instantly ready to defend myself when I noticed that the "pusher" was a guard and after him followed Howie and Nick!!!! So I really was about 50 cm from them!

The boys had also brought their own deejay to the club which was a nice touch and Nick commented on the music every now and again. I liked that. Now my teen heart can be at ease until the Backstreet boys return to make the streets of Helsinki unsecure again.