Saturday, December 18, 2010

Emozioni disordinate

Mouth of Truth-Forum Romanum-Colosseum-Piazza di Venezia-Via del Corso-Fontana di Trevi-Piazza di Spagna-Via dei Condotti-Lungotevere Marzio-Piazza Navona-Vatican city-Termini-Market in Trastevere-Lungotevere dei Mellini-Piazza del Popolo-Villa Medici-Hard Rock Café.

Rome in a weekend. Emotions of happiness, being confused, chaos, warmth, running, laughing, being on the edge, exploring, being amazed, learning, living. Scents of coffee. Coke in narrow tall cans. Tastes of gelato, pizza (both thin & thick), chocolate. Finally getting to speak Italian. Seeing the sun. Walking on historical grounds. Not being in Italy for over a year. Taking photos in a photo machine at night time. Being tricked into taking a fake cab from the airport, but ending up being the smarter part and fooling the driver into take less money from you than you agreed upon.

Missing a flight, being stuck in the airport of Stockholm for hours waiting for your second flight. Notice that you’ve missed a terrorist act in Sweden while you’ve been away. Being forced to sit in the airplane and wait for the stairs leading us off the plane for more than 30 minutes and noticing that people are being more and more anxious. Noticing that your bag has arrived safe in Helsinki, but that it is missing one piece and that most of the things in the bag are broken. Coming home and watching the Gladiator as the first thing you do.

Certi amore regalano una emozione per sempre, momenti che restano cosi, impressi della mente.
Friday, December 3, 2010

Coming alive with ideas

Helsinki, -6 degrees

During the current week I’ve had a rough time at work thanks to educational reasons. I’ve undergone two passes of work related schooling and surprisingly enough it puts you mind into work. I’m very thankful for the schooling possibility, it just takes some time to digest and process the things you get out of the schooling occasions. I feel I learn to know my working place better each day. How exciting! Especially now when I’m a part of my team and can contribute in the creation of a working place culture. That was one of the topics in the schooling sessions this week. Work place culture. Annual development discussions. Co-operations between tourism actors. I get to work on the first part already next week when we have a new reinforcement at my work- a new worker. I notice that I’m full of ideas and this week I have really felt that my ideas have got backup and the support it has needed. I’ve even got unexpected compliments from persons I would never have expected to appreciate my work efforts.

More responsibility and more things to think about have an effect on home life as well, obviously. Sometimes I feel that I am so focused on my work that it’s difficult to explain it to somebody else and assume that that person can understand. I have a big need to share things, but sometimes I lack the tools for doing so. I have decided to consider this a period of time when I need to focus on my work, but nevertheless I want to focus at least the same amount of personal matters as well.

Just this week, a global briefing covering international affairs, business, culture and design called Monocle released an issue on Finland. Headquartered in London with bureaus in Tokyo, Zürich and New York, Monocle appears 10 times a year in print. The issue was called “Monocle Finland survey” and talked about Finland where Monocle’s team of editors, correspondents and photographers uncover a young country with a long history, a big name on the international stage, and a reputation it is working out how to hold on to. The issue discusses Finland’s current situation and strengths: its design, crafts, soft power abroad (artists, media), the social position soon even closer to Russia thanks to the faster train connection to St. Petersburg, a food revolution where the Finnish kitchen is between rest of Scandinavia and Russia and our greatest export product- the sauna. Have a look here!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Warrior of an open information society

Helsinki, -13 degrees.

Just a couple of days ago a new report, telling about Finland as a country brand, was released. In this report Finland was e.g. suggested to be the world leader in negotiating in 2030. Finland is called the problem solver of the world. Here follows some citations from the report: “Finland is already the best country in the world. Considering its small size, Finland has an unbelievable array of strengths and opportunities to solve some of the world’s most wicked global problems. If Finland did not exist, it would have to be invented. We have a mission. Finland’s greatest strength is the unbiased, solution-focused approach to problems, which derives from our history and culture. When faced with an impossible situation, we roll up our sleeves and double our efforts.”

It’s hard to argue with the fact that Finns are innovative people. Usually though, we’re not that proud. Reading the report put a smile upon my face, since it was the first time I could read about Finnish pride. Good job! Let’s change the fact that we’re known for being modest. We have lots of things to be proud of, let them show I say!

The main mission for Finland seems to be, according to the report, to create social innovations, make lake water drinkable, serve organic food and teach others about our school system. With social innovations it appears the report means to develop new production, new kinds of activities, which will contribute even to the export of social innovations, co-operation that is. You can find the whole summary here.

The funniest and most innovative part of the report in my opinion was the part meant for you, me and all other Finns living in Finland. The report actually gives ideas on how all of us can participate in making Finland a better place to come to but most of all to live in. Only then can Finland be a functional society. The parts that were related to me and my work were the ones where the report talked about neighborhoods and public sector openness.

Concerning neighborhoods, the report actually suggested that everybody should organize a party in one’s apartment building, hehe. The reports claims that joint events, meetings of the housing association and getting together to put the yard in order must be turned into a party because they offer an opportunity for learning how to do things together. I wish my housing association would organize a party, but then again I’m all for privacy of one’s home. I think I already know too much about my neighbors, and they about me. But a fun idea. Maybe one day when I own an apartment, I might be the one organizing a party for the neighborhood, for now I’ll settle for parties for my friends.

According to the report, public sector openness is crucial since knowledge is power. The biggest trend in the 2010s is the information society development, where public information resources are open for use by all interested parties. The guiding principle is to give everyone access to information compiled with the taxpayers’ money and to facilitate the development of thousands of applications that make life easier, help solve society’s problems and create new business opportunities. In this matter, I can help by trying to get all the information we gain at the office open for the public. Information should be easy to find, it should almost come to you instead of you looking for it. I will work as a warrior of an open information society. If you’re interested in the whole report, please see it here.
Friday, November 26, 2010

Among tourism actors

Helsinki, -12 degrees

I have now been working about three weeks as a substitute at the Tourist Office of Helsinki. Although it’s not a new work place for me, I feel that things have changed since I got the new position. I now feel as a part of my working team, and even my way of thinking has started to change.

I’ve been to a couple of events now where I’ve had the chance to meet other persons active in the tourism field here in Helsinki and it’s so exciting to finally have faces to the companies involved in the touristic growth and wellbeing of my favorite city in the world :) Only once you’ve met the persons that make Helsinki into the city it is, you can truly have an understanding for how it works. In that sense, you don’t merely feel like a part of the team you have at your workplace, but of the whole tourism field in Helsinki. Even though we’re of different ages, we have at least one thing in common: a mutual love for Helsinki. All of us want to bring out the best sides of the city and see it grow. Surprisingly all the actors in tourism are friendly and open to co-operation. They’re also open minded and unprejudiced towards new, young actors in the field.

Helsinki is such a great city, both as a working place and a living place. One of the reasons for this is the fact that Helsinki is one of the few cities in Europe growing in a radical way. Every time I attend an event talking about the future of Helsinki I am astonished by all the projects going on. Sometimes I wish I would have been born in Helsinki some 20 or 30 years later just because of all the changes that are heading our way.

Yesterday I got to hear Johanna Kurkela, a Finnish singer. Usually I don’t listen to music in Finnish but sometimes an exception has to be made when you find such a great voice that you cannot go without listening to it. I was happy to realize that Johanna was also very down to earth, a likeable person in real life. That makes the music even more pleasing! Dare yourself to listen to music sang in Finnish and find her songs on YouTube for instance. One of my favorites is the song “tuo se mulle”.
Thursday, November 18, 2010

and so Helsinki got its first snowflake..

Helsinki, -1 degrees

Being happy and crazy in love is waking up five in the morning with you and watching the first snow of this winter as it's falling down outside our livingroom window..
Thursday, November 11, 2010

The travelling book

Helsinki, 5 degrees.

Some days ago at the Tourist Office of Helsinki I found something interesting while during my regular cleaning round check where I check that our brochures are in order and that our guests haven’t left something in the office. I stumbled upon a book, but not just any book- a travelling book. On the book there was a note saying “this book is free-I’m a very special book, I’m travelling around the world making new friends”. Apparently this book was a part of the official bookcrossing movement ( where books are read, left, and found by new owners all around the world. What a fun idea! The book had its own id number and I was just so curious that I had to check where the book had been in the world. It seemed this book came from an active Finn from the city Pori who had brought it to Helsinki. A personal thank you to this person for making our office nicer and introducing us to this movement.
I left the book in the office so now it has continued its travel in the world.
Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Closing the covers

Helsinki, 1 degrees.

It is ironic how new technology can sometimes make you feel old at age 24. As you all can guess, at my work, I deal quite a lot also with technology since our customers often come in with technology’s newest toys asking for assistance. After all, we have customers from all over the world. Some of you might think that people from the ends of the world wouldn’t end up in Helsinki, but I can assure you that they do seeing as I personally have assisted customers from the world’s all continents. Funnily enough the customers seem to think that we here in Helsinki are suited to assist them in any kind of problem, also technological ones.

I will never forget when I saw for the first time in my life an Ipad. Of course it belonged to one of our Asian customers who thought it was the most common thing in the world when she handed it to me so that I would find her the right wireless internet connection in our office. I must say, at first, I didn’t even dare to touch the thing! But as I found myself in the line of business I do, I couldn’t show my uncertainty so I helped the customer and managed to get myself out of the situation one experience richer. I feel like that in many situations concerning technology: learning by doing and trying my way through.

Nowadays technology makes me sad in a way though. It’s not a question of answered needs. It’s a question of companies inventing our needs for us. Most of my friends that get new computers or mobile phones cannot even tell me why they bought them, in a sense they just wanted to stay surfing on the technological wave that’s passing us by right now. And who says it’s just passing us by? Maybe it’s here to stay. Maybe years from now, we won’t know why we have most of the things we do. We won’t feel a need to explain purchases anymore. I find myself worried in a world where we speak of design as something worth putting money on since it stands for quality. Nevertheless, these so called design items are exchanged every second year or even more often. What kind of quality is that then? And if we’re not buying the stuff because of durability, why are we then calling the items design? I make comparisons to design interior items that last and are inherited by one generation from another. Aren’t these the items we here in Helsinki call design- the kind of design for which we were elected the design capital in 2012?

I understand that technology is going forward in a much faster way now than years ago, but still, I’ve noticed how people tend to forget to be honest to themselves and explain at least to themselves why they are purchasing new technological items. Some time ago, one of my friends told me that in the States, Nokia’s mobile phones are considered “old school”, a plast from the past of something like that. She actually told me that Americans found it cute that she had a Nokia as they all have mobile phones of rivalries of the brand. As far as I have understood, this has to do with the increased smartphone popularity in the world where Nokia has lost its leading role. I just think it’s kind of a paradox that one get s a phone that works also as a computer, but then one also needs a computer that works as a computer. Hmm..

It’s also incongruous how it all started from mp3 players. First we had them, then the same company who came up with them, decided to combine them with phones so that today mp3 players are old-fashioned and unnecessary…hmm…

I understand that persons in leading positions need work phones that have access to their email accounts as well. What I don’t understand is why teenagers or even young adults like me need it? Don’t we spend enough time on computers already? Do we need one in our pocket as well? And let’s not forget the prices of these items. There not exactly cheap. Are we getting blind to things out of our reach? Is nothing impossible anymore? Do we dare to dream about having such thing or is it something we immediately have to have?

One of my friends told me that one of the reasons why he got a smartphone was that when he travels he doesn’t need to buy a tourist book in advance about the place since his smartphone tells him where he is and what the buildings are in whatever place he finds himself in in the world. Does that mean that the idea with tourist books was originally just that we should know where we are, or that we would learn something about the places we visit before we arrive at the place?

I’m the kind of person that hopes, sincerely hopes, that new developments should always take us further, not take us back in time. Smartphones should be used in the sense that they would make us more active and not less active. They should inspire us to look into things deeper since information is easier to get. I witness the increasing trend of lazy travelling every day at my office. Of course, there are still persons that are well prepared before they travel but increasingly more persons that just rely on local hospitality to show them what to do.

I mean, last Saturday when we had a religious holiday here in Helsinki, all Saint’s day, the tourists were chocked. They didn’t want to believe that the shops weren’t open. Some people came from far away but others from our neighboring countries, and they hadn’t even checked if there would be a holiday before they came. And the most ironic part was that they thought it was silly that we had a holiday like this. Aren’t holidays the last remains of our cultural identity? Shouldn’t holidays be something that visitors should appreciate more than shopping? Just a thought.

I love reading. I seldom have the time I would want to read in peace without thinking about other things I have to do. Lately, I’ve used my lunch breaks at work as reading time and it has worked surprisingly well. What I love about books is not only the experience of reading written words, but the fact that the whole reading situation is an experience. With the actual book in my hand, I can understand the work load the writer has put into the making of the book. The contents of the book also changes with time, and the same person can read a book at several occasions in his/her life and get different things out of it. I also like the fact that a book is a companion that you can take with you for lunch or a cup of coffee and it will keep you company.

Said all of this, I was surprised when one of my friends told me that lately the trend is going towards e-book readers. I guess I shouldn’t criticize something I haven’t tried yet, but I find it difficult to comprehend that an e-book reader to offer you the same kind of reading experience as an old fashioned book. I remember the time when what one read told about whom one was. Now if you can’t see what one reads, one stays more hidden, right? How about the smell of a book? The sensation of feeling a book’s cover with your hands? Just today I read that the e-book sales have gone up to over 700 million euros in the States this year. Forrester Research predicts that it will triple until year 2015, in just five years. At the same time the book fair in Helsinki had a record amount of visitors this year- 80 000 during four days. Are we the last traditional book readers?

I guess we can say so long, tata, to mp3 players, regular mobile phones, and yes, even old time books.

Quality of life

Helsinki, 1 degrees.

Today I found an interesting article about how to prolong your life written by professor Timo Strandberg. With making the right choices, the article claimed one could enhance one’s wellbeing. Some of the points or choices were easy to guess, I mean everywhere you read about a healthy life, it says stop smoking, avoid overweight, exercise, use if needed medicine for artery health, avoid calories and enjoy alcoholic beverages with reason.

Other points however that I liked even more said that one should eat heart friendly, delicious food. That sounded great in my ears because as you know, I am a food lover. The article meant that healthy food also needs to taste good. One should favor vegetables, root fruit, fruit and the right kind of fat. When one truly enjoys his/her meals, one feels better. It should be a complete delight; for all five senses.

Another interesting point was that one should look at life in an optimistic way. Humans are docile and that’s why it’s important to think about how one can be less cynic and hostile and allow a positive attitude into one’s life.

Besides this, one of my favorite points was that sleep is crucial. In senior high school I suffered from loss of sleep and I hated it. Going to bed was a pain since I knew I wouldn’t fall asleep. After my experiences in Italy, I’ve never had a problem with sleeping again. I just think that if one puts one’s brain and body up for an actual challenge during the day, there shouldn’t any problems with sleeping. It’s important to remember though, that one needs also a kind of inner peace to be able to sleep. I believe I’ve found that now.

The most interesting point of all in this article talked about social life and its importance. This is something today’s society tries to understand but I don’t think anybody has truly understood the depth of this phenomenon. The need also changes with time as societies evolve. The article pointed out that humans are social creatures and cannot survive without social relationships. When these relationships bring happiness and joy to your life, they also add something to the quality of your life and are good for your health.

How well do these points fit into your life?
Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flower me gently

Artist finding of the day: Linn Olofsdotter!

Linn Olofsdotter, from Sweden, has explored many mediums before solidifying her career in the illustration field. After getting her education in both advertising and graphic design in Europe and the US, she moved to Brazil to start up a motion graphics studio along with her husband and creative partner. More recently Linn worked as a senior art director at a Boston advertising agency.

During the beginning of her career she used her skills as an illustrator to help brand TV networks such as Fine Living, MTV and Anime Network amongst others. Nowadays Linn works independently creating artwork for a number of clients in the Fashion, Advertising and Editorial fields such as Oilily, La Perla and Bon Magazine.

Here follows some of my favorite illustrations of hers:

This one's name is simply "Flower me gently". How amazing is that?
Friday, November 5, 2010

Life's struggle

Helsinki, 5 degrees.

It’s no secret that the doctors informed us last spring that one of my closest persons suffers from cancer level one out of four. Basically that means she won’t undergo any kind of treatment for her condition but she will have follow-ups every six months. This person is the kind of person that doesn’t often want to talk about her health so that’s why after she heard that the doctors wouldn’t give her any medicine or make her take any treatment, she didn’t want to discuss it any further. Of course every six months when she has her follow-ups, there is always a big part of me that’s scared of the results. It’s like life stands still for a day every six months. Fortunately until now life has continued spinning after the follow-ups.

Cancer or I guess any kind of illness is funny in the sense that people that haven’t been touched by it don’t notice it being present all the time, but once one knows somebody that’s gotten ill, suddenly the illness is constantly present, lurking behind every corner and one sees it everywhere. I mean, I notice cancer headings much easier now, and if I see an article in a newspaper talking about it, I’ll read it because I feel I want to know everything I can about the disease.

Just the other day I saw a program on the TV telling about a well-known Finnish singer who got throat cancer a couple of years ago. It just so happens that that same person has two children that used to go to the same kindergarten as me, and therefore me and the person I know with cancer both know who he is.

Ironically, not knowing about each other’s actions, both I and she watched the program. It was touching, and the person I know with cancer even recorded it. The singer in question has been able to beat the illness for now, and that was what he was talking about: the life changing experience of being seriously ill, then beating the disease and life after being sick. After having been told never to sing anymore he has made the impossible and started singing once again.

The new songs were really touching as they told about his personal struggle with cancer, and I noticed tears running down on both the cheeks of myself and those of the person I know with cancer while listening to the song they gave a sample of during the show when we watched it again together.
Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lace it!

Helsinki, -1 degrees

This seasons fashion must have item is lace! I’ve seen it in numerous forms- dresses, tops, and leggings. The list is endless. The real fashionistas boldly combine different patterns in lace together. The more down to earth use only one piece of clothing with lace, and tones down the rest of the outfit by using everyday clothing items like denim jeans, leather jackets or army coats with it.

Mixing a white lace top with a black skirt is my fav' combination!

The party season

Helsinki, a chilling -1 degrees

Shorter days, darker nights - that means Halloween is approaching. It’s always an exciting time of the year, planning what to wear that is. This is the first time I’ll celebrate it as a post-graduated, so the party is not going to be school related. That’s refreshing. I’ve always loved dressing up, ever since I’ve been a child. I even remember dressing up with my sis as princesses using toilet paper rolls as crowns. You can therefore call me a diva since childhood. I just think it’s something in a girl’s genes that makes us love dressing up and making us look different than we do in reality. I’ve always thought of Halloween as the possibility to try being something I would have liked to be, just for one night. In Finland the Halloween tradition is not old, that’s why I’ve celebrated it only three times before. My Halloween outfits have this far been the ones of a house maid, flight pilot and geisha. Can you guess what I’ll be this year?

I would love to at least once dress up as a lady from the 17th century, just like in Italy during the annual carnevale, the carnival. The main carnival is being held of course in legendary Venice. But that would mean having a theme party, because it wouldn’t be as fun if everybody wasn’t dressed in a similar way.

Two of my friends had one of the best dinner parties I’ve ever been to last Saturday. They had planned it so well: made the table in the most beautiful way with seat placements since the guests didn’t all know each other and prepared some delicious food. The party was just for girls which gave it an extra touch. We ate, drank, sang and enjoyed each other’s company. We even got new friends. I love autumn because it’s one of the best seasons when it comes to parties. Since everybody is back to everyday life with either school or work, people crave for parties. Their combining feature is what makes a party: the element of surprise, caring about the people around you and showing it and experiencing truly special moments.

Taking my first step on the career path

Helsinki, 4 degrees.

Last Friday was one of the best days in my life! Many people around me know that I have been waiting to have an anwer concerning my work situation for weeks now, more than four to be exact. It has been nerve racking, and I have almost been pulling my hair off my head because of the waiting. Suspense and uncertainty are from here on my two new enemies since I truly know how they make you feel. Finally, last Friday I got my answer and luckily this time it was the one I had been dreaming about- I got the job I wanted. I got a maternity leave substitute position at the Helsinki Tourist Office for two whole years! I will be one of the permanent workers at the office and be responsible for the duties of my colleague that's on maternity leave. This means so much to me! The position stands for so many things; security, self-confidence, happiness, career, you name it.

Security in the sense that now I don't have to wake up each morning wondering where I'll be the next. I know I have my place now. I will also get great health care service and benefits I've never had before, like discounts at the gym, the possibility to eat at the City Hall and of course paid holidays.

Self-confidence since I now know that I am appreciated at my work place and that I actually am good at what I do. This will be the first time in my life when I will have my own title- tourist informant. 'Til now I've merely been a tourist advisor, but now I'm something far better, hehe. I might even get my own visiting card, how cool is that?

The new position will bring me happiness because it's important to feel that I can contribute is bringing money home. I know we live in a world where people think men and women are equal and in order to realize that one needs to be able to provide as well as one's partner. For me the fact that I feel that I can provide for my family, that for now consists "only" of me and my boyfriend, makes a lot of difference. I want him to be proud of me.

Finally, the position means that I have taken my first step on my career path. From now on, I will have worked somewhere for two years- that's a great qualification. I have been so sick of changing work places every four months. Now I can feel that I belong somewhere and that I have made a difference somewhere. Visiting the health care department of the city of Helsinki yesterday, I heard something that really made me smile. The doctor who saw me congratulated me for getting a job in my own field during the same year as my graduation. She honestly asked me if I know how lucky I am, and I had to answer her with a smile "Yes, I know".

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Illustration inspiration: Francesco D'Isa

Today on this rainy autumn day, I found a new interesting artist again. As you maybe have understood by now, I love art concentrated on women. We simply are the most interesting and mystic creatures on this planet. This time the paintings are Italian. I would never have thought that an Italian might have made similar paintings, and that makes me even happier about my finding. The artist's name is Francesco D'Isa and was born in 1980 in Florence, the cradle of art. Just have a look at his art here and you'll be amazed. The art really makes you think. I like the fact that the paintings look like drawings, and I like the colors he's used.

Here are some of my favorites, the last one is named "how it works".

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beneath the colored leaves

As autumn is drawing its final breath, the nature’s changing again. Not merely the nature, but also the nature of people. Autumn is considered the time to slow down, and put value on cozy home evenings again. As it becomes dark sooner, already at about half past six, people tend to adapt to this change by relaxing after dark. I love autumn with the colored trees, chilly mornings, trench coats, scarfs, red cheeks, and all the glory that autumn constitutes for.

I’ve undergone a very hard period of time, stressful to say the least. Still, the things I wanted to clear up aren’t very much clearer for me. I find myself torn since I don’t know what my work situation will be in just two weeks. Like I said: stressful to say the least.

Fortunately everything is going well instead in my love life; I wake up every day with a great smile upon my face. I’ve always been a sensitive kind of gal and thought of myself as always alone, a little bit like Richard mentioned in Ally McBeal once “Everybody is alone in this life; some are just alone in a relationship”. I mean, I’ve always thought that I would be alone with my thoughts, that nobody could ever fully understand me. Now, nevertheless, I find myself with a person so wonderful for me that I don’t think like this anymore. Every day is genuinely a blessing. Today we celebrate our 6-month-anniversary
Thursday, August 26, 2010

Call out from one of the Europe's best-kept secrets

Helsinki, 14 degrees.

Brr, a chilly morning. Helsinki has returned to autumn. And what a summer it's been! I gazed through my blog and noticed that I've been up to so much that I haven't had time to write any insert since May! I deeply appologize to all my blog followers. I promise to do better from now on.

The summer has meant a lot of changes in my life. Like you all know, the last time I wrote, I made it clear that I had met my match in my personal life and we're still going strong :)
Actually, yesterday was the first time I could admire both of our names in my apartment's door, with his name first this time.
People might think that I haven't learned anything from my former relationships, but I beg to differ. I know I have grown. I would say that the biggest difference is that I have become more humble. Less than a week ago, I heard somebody describe me as touchy, and I actually had a great discussion concerning this at my job. Yes, since I've lived in Italy for two years and assumed this way of thinking, I can recognize that I'm not the easiest kind of person to get along with. When I don't know a person too well, I tend to react very strongly to e.g. jokes about myself. I still want to believe that I've learned to make more fun of myself as well.

Since the beginning of June, I have been back at my familiar summer working place, the Tourist Office of Helsinki. The Tourist Office stands for something secure and safe for me, but at the same time, each summer is an adventure since you never know how it will turn out. Each summer also gives you the opportunity to get to know new colleagues. This year again, I've had a great opportunity to meet such great people. Friends both at the workplace and outside of work. Not to forget, the Tourist Office has offered me this year, yet another opportunity to get to know the tourists, the reason why I've decided to do this kind of a job. We've had a great summer, more or less similar to the one last year. On a daily basis we've met about 2 000 tourists. Together with the movable infomation design container that's around 3 000 tourists per day. Helsinki's summer tourism is characterized by cruise visitors, some staying in the city for merely 4-6 hours. Nevertheless, we do have visitors coming to Helsinki mainly for an interest of the most culturally isolated and least understood capital of the Nordic countries. I have also met a lot of tourists spending 2-3 days in Helsinki and then exploring e.g. lakeland Finland or Lapland.

Today a new guide book is being launched, now for the first time telling about EXCLUSIVELY Finland. This book is a part of the series of Rough Guides, The Rough guides are travel guidebooks, owned by Pearson PLC. Their travel titles cover more than 200 destinations, and are distributed worldwide. Initially, in 1982, the series was aimed at low-budget backpackers. The Rough Guides books have incorporated more expensive recommendations since the early 1990s, and are now marketed to travellers on all budgets. In Finland the book costs about 30€.

Obviously, for me the most interesting part fof this book is the part telling about Helsinki. According to the Rough Guide: "The southern coast of Finland is the most populated, industrialized and richest part of the country, centred around the capital, Helsinki, a city of half a million people with the friendliness of a peasant village on market day. Helsinki's innovative architecture and batch of fine museums and galleries collectively expose the roots of the national character, while at night the pubs and clubs strip it bare. It may seem the perfect prelude to exploring the rest of Finland, and in the practical sense it is, being the hub of the country's road, rail and air traffic routes. However, if you can, try to arrive in Helsinki after seeing the rest of the country, as only with some prior knowledge of Finland does the significance of the city as a symbol of Finnish self-determination become clear."

I liked this idea of people first exploring other parts of Finland, and then Helsinki. Usually people tend to come here and then go to other places. I think the writer of the book is right. If Helsinki is the first thing you see, you might think that it's merely a big capital city, busy and difficult to comprehend for a traveller. But once you've seen other parts of Finland, you'll noticed how organized, friendly, and culturally versatile Helsinki is. Just yesterday, one of my co-workers at the Tourist Office mentioned that Helsinki is Finland in a nutshell. I liked that description of Helsinki. One of the most important things to remember about Helsinki is that its inhabitants often come from other Finnish cities, so it's impossible to merely speak of Helsinki as a city consisting of Helsinkian people.

As you all know, besides Helsinki, one of my other passions is fashion. This summer, like all summers, hardly any fashion trends have been visible since summer is considered a holiday season, charactisized by beach wear. The only thing that I've noticed is that this summer's thing was very short shorts. They have never been this popular.
Now, towards autumn, the really interesting trends have started to show. The autumn's color is nude, a sense of beige. Over all earthy colors rules the clothing right now. Ruffles are still here, and can be visible in both dresses and tops. Oversize cardigans are in. And scarfs booties are back! Yey, I love them! My favorite items for this season are:

-Ruffle shoulder trench coat

-Gorgeous scarf

Which is your favorite?
Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love you to bits

To love every bit of a person. So if they were to be impregnated with a handgrenade and exploded into tiny bits, you would want to keep any bit that was left, cos you love them to bits.
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brunette and proud of it

Helsinki, 13 degrees.

I'm always talking about how great it is to be a brunette. You know the saying- blondes may have more fun, but brunettes remember it the next day. I seldom talk about famous Finnish people and their styles but now I feel I have to. I've recently noticed that there is an artist that has done a huge step in the right direction concerning her looks- Anna Abreu that is. Right now she looks stunning! Have a look! 


The best part is that she is a girly girl like me, and uses a lot of beautiful dresses!
Let me just finish by saying well done Anna!


One of today's biggest news topics has been the fact that Sweden has changed their obligatory military into volontary. From now on their defence force will consist of professional soldiers, which means that it will become ten times smaller in size.
This has created a debate also in Finland about the importance of the Finnish military duty. Right now all Finnish men have a military duty of at least six months. This can be avoided by different rules, but nevertheless the majority of Finns do perform their military duty.
Once again, I think Sweden has taken a pioneer step. I think all my friends are aware of the fact that I don't support the Finnish military system. I understand that most guys appreciate their time in the military force but I just don't understand how I could support the thought of introducing weapon to young guys. I mean I can't even think about holding a gun in my hand. I guess I just belong to the people that feel that once you introduce something, it makes it more familiar. I think the threshold to use weapons is much smaller once you've already been introduced to them.

Bollywood buzz

Helsinki, 13 degrees.
Today I saw some new pics from the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, and there was one new face that caught my eye. An Indian actress on the rise to fame- Mallika Sherawat. I just love her fresh look! What do you think?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Active as a flea during Helsinkian heat wave

Helsinki, 22 degrees.
During the last five days, Helsinki's appearance has changed drasticly, almost completely. We've enjoyed such good weather that the city has finally started blooming. Finally we have green trees and lawns! This has of course also meant that people like me, suffering from spring allergies mostly for birk trees, have felt extra heavy symptoms. Especially during this weekend, I have really been suffering. Yesterday I heard that even persons who usually don't suffer from allergies have felt the symptoms this spring, the bloom boom has been so rapid.

During these warm days, I've come to notice once again that Helsinkians are such cute people. We greet the sunshine in the best way; beaches and parks are immediately filled with people. Yesterday I enjoyed a great picnic with friends in a nearby park and we noticed that not only the park was full of people, but even the biggest beach in Helsinki. People stay out late enjoying the sun as well. I've noticed that tourists staying in Helsinki don't seem to think that our weather is yet that hot, and they are still wearing jeans and shirts with long sleeves. For us though, this is as good as it gets and we couldn't be happier. Finns are wearing summer clothing. Today when I was taking some sun in the park next to my home, I saw a girl with a hula hoop ring. I thought that was wonderful, urban life at its best. Who would have ever expected somebody to bring out a hula hoop ring to an ordinary park? This was again one of the moments when I realized that I live in one of the most exciting cities. We shouldn't underestimate the element of surprise that is always present in this urban surrounding.

Yesterday I also experiences something new- I went for the first time to the biggest flea market that we have here in Helsinki called Valtteri, it's held in the neighborhood Vallila. Of course I've been several times to flea markets as they are a part of the Helsinkian lifestyle, but this was my first time at Valtteri. I'm not lying if I tell you that there were over 100 sellers present at the market! A dream come true for me and my sister. We were actually there to help my sister find a gala dress for an upcoming movie gala to which we are going, but I wanted to set myself a small budget of 15€ just to see how much I could get for that amount. And god do I love flea markets! With only 15€ I got two pairs of shoes, three dresses, two shirts and the complete first season of Ally Mcbeal on DVD! Have a look at what I found!

My favorite piece was an absolutely beautiful black dress with feathers, just made for me! I mean, can't you see that this tube dress with feathers at the hem is just what I've been mentioning that I like in earlier blog inserts?

I highly recommend the flea market. I was there with my sis, as I already mentioned, and one of her friends. I think all of us have different clothing styles and yet we found something for all of us!

I can't help but finish my insert by maybe repeating myself but telling how happy I am during these days, thanks to a special someone.
Thursday, May 13, 2010


Helsinki, 13 degrees.
Yesterday the first winds of summer reached Helsinki, and of course it was immediately visible also on the Helsinkian streets. Girls with shortshort shorts and guys with t-shirts. And one thousand differnet types of sunglasses. I've always loved sunglasses. I wish I could have a different pair for each occasion to show my mood. I've only noticed one new feature in them this year: animal patterns have hit even sunglasses.

Oh my funny valentine..I have discovered a new favorite tv show called Fashion file. It presents new designers each time in the most likeble way. One of the new incounters I've had is Giambattista Valli, an Italian. Just have a look at his site and I'm sure you'll understand what I've fallen in love with. Girly dresses where the silhouette of women is brought to attention. Animal patterns are still visible even in autumn collections so I guess they're here to stay. Giambattista also mentioned on the show about the fact that everything's constantly changing in our society right now, and that should be visible in our clothing as well. I like that he used the word metamorphosis when he discribed how we are. I think you can see this way of thinking in his clothes, they look somewhat like a butterfly evolving from a cocoon. Here are some of my favorites from his summer 2010 collection. I just love the drama in these outfits! The bigger, the more details, the better!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On the road to the unknown

Helsinki, 4 degrees.
Yesterday when I was at my hairdresser, A.k.a. Luova, I flipped through one of their magazines, called Image, while waiting. I came across an article talking about tourism and travelling, and of course it catched my eye. The article was actually more interesting than I thought. The topic was matkalla tuntemattomaan, on the road to the unknown. I was sure that it would discuss the newest tourism trends, and in a sense it did but in a surprising way. It actually talked about the fact that tourism and travelling has become such an ordinary thing that the real dare devil is the person who stays at home. It brought to the surface a way of thinking, where going extreme actually means going back to the basics, to your own roots. I mean we're talking about green values and climate change, and still travelling by airplane is just increasing. The most recent event that should have made us all stop and think about the necessity to travel by plane, was of course the vulcano eruption in Iceland and the ash cloud following.

I wish that everybody that considers themselves true travellers would stop and get to know their own city. I mean, my hairdresser was telling me that she had some American friends over and she didn't know what to show them in Helsinki. Why are we travelling away from home, when we haven't even got to know our own city? Sometimes I find it funny going through friends' Facebook photos and noticing that they usually take place abroad. If they're taken in Helsinki, it's not outside. Only in very few cases they actually show off the beauty of this city. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that travelling is wrong. Come on, we're talking about my field of work. I'm just saying that sometimes we need to go back some steps to realize where we're going. Meaningless travelling is just that- meaningless. If we get to know our own roots, we also treasure the smaller and unique features of other places. I actually found a book about Helsinki filled with tasks and things to do to get to know the city better. I plan to carry out these tasks this summer. Don't worry, I'll take you along ;)

I would like to finish my blog insert by making you a proposal. Go extreme- stay home.
Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lacking nothing

Helsinki, 9 degrees.
Being in love is irrational but oh so wonderful! Although you can never plan when to fall for someone, springtime is the absolute best time for it. I mean, hearing birds sing when you're happy, is great! It feels like the whole world, at least Helsinki, is sharing your joy. Finally the flowers outside my apartment building are starting to bloom, and also the trees seem to have come to life again. The changing weather also makes it nicer to be outside. I live only ten minutes by foot from the Helsinki city center, and although I during winter usually take a tram in to the center, I now find myself walking there more often. I feel so happy to be happy, like it's a feeling I haven't felt in a LONG time. Like this morning, I feel I lack nothing. That's a wierd feeling, don't think I've ever experienced it before. I feel I finally met my match, somebody that's like me in the most irritating but at the same time attractive way. Happy, happy, happy! I hope spring brings joy to all of your lives as well!
Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Washing the fashion world's face with cold water

Helsinki, 4 degrees.
Yesterday's news was the fact that a Finnish model had managed to be on the cover of the Italian Vogue at the age of merely 16. As soon as I heard this on the radio, I had to check out what the fuzz was all about. This young Helsinkiana called Kirsi Pyrhönen has indeed done what many girls only dream of. After seeing the picture though, I was a little bit disappointed because her unique looks were not at their best in the picture. I was surprised to notice that in her so called normal pictures she looks very typical Finnish. Sometimes it's funny how something ordinary in one country can be considered so different in another one. Nevertheless she's stunning, I don't deny that. I especially like her eyes, I think they show her soul. When I said she's ordinary, I just mean that I believe we have many girls with similar, not identical but similar looks, here in Finland. Anyway well done Kirsi and thank you for putting Finland and Helsinki on the fashion map again! Some intreresting sites about her are:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow

Helsinki, 7 degrees. Spring is finally starting to stick around. We’ve had some very unpredictable weather lately. Yesterday was a good example. Sunny, then cloudy, then rain, sunshine again and suddenly rain mixed with snow. We actually were saying that it seemed more like autumn weather than spring. But today again, spring lifts its beautiful head and we have sunshine.

Spring has arrived, not only thanks to the weather, but it’s visible also in what people are talking about and of course what they are wearing. During winter, Finns tend to dress in only earthlike colors; black, brown and grey. The hint of color now present is a clear sign of spring. One of the funny little fashion details in Helsinki is that anything can become a fashion trend. Since we’ve had some rain these days, of course the rubber boots for rain have become fashionable again. Even guys seem to make a fashion statement with their rubber boots. I like this fact in Finns. Fashion here can be determined by items so down to earth. This year’s trend is of course the Hai boots, made by no one else but Nokia [].

Otherwise blossom patterns on clothes are huge here right now, also a sign of spring. A good example is H&M’s garden collection. This collection is actually made with environmentally adapted materials, so it also emphasizes the weight we put on eco-thinking. The other big chains like Gina Tricot, Seppälä etc. have also followed with blossom patterns.

Stripes are also huge! The whole marine theme is back.

One of my absolute favorite fashion trends right now are the puffy, almost spacelike, shoulders! I have gone mad about them! The puffier and bigger, the better!

Like I was saying earlier, people have also started to change their topics in discussions thanks to the springtime. The majority is concerned about what they are going to do during autumn. I guess most of us have realized that we don't have a lot of time on our hands, summer will be here before we know it and then we ought to know what lies ahead for next fall. I find myself torn in different directions. I've decided to apply to different places and see where they take me. One of the options is Stockholm's university, but if I can manage to stay in Helsinki, I might do just that. I've also found a new reason to smile, but I'll fill you in on that another time. Right now I'm just happy to be able to write again.
Sunday, April 11, 2010

Longdesired happiness refound!

Out of the blue something really good can happen that makes you think of life in a totally different way..I guess it was my time to feel happy again! This time seriously happy, yey. Thank you.
Monday, March 29, 2010


I saw a picture of you
Hanging in an empty hallway
I heard a voice that I knew
And I couldn't walk away
It took me back to the end
Of everything
I taste it all I taste it all
The tears again

Outside the rain's fallin' down
There's not a drop that hits me
Scream at the sky but no sound
Is leavin' my lips
It's like I can't even feel
After the way you touched me
I'm not asleep but I'm not awake
After the way you loved me

I can't turn this around
I keep running into walls that I can't break down
I said I just wander around
With my eyes wide shut because of you
I'm a sleepwalker walker walker
I'm a sleepwalker walker walker

Let me out of this dream

Everywhere that I go
I see another memory
And all the places we used to know
They're always there to haunt me
I walk around and I feel so lost and lonely
You're everything that I want
But you don't want me

I can't turn this around
I keep running into walls that I can't break down
I said I just wander around
With my eyes wide shut because of you
I'm a sleepwalker walker walker
I'm a sleepwalker walker walker

Let me out of this dream, dream
Let me out of this dream

I can't turn this around
I keep running into walls that I can't break down
I said I just wander around
With my eyes wide shut because of you
I'm a sleepwalker walker walker
I'm a sleepwalker walker walker
I'm a sleepwalker walker walker
I'm a sleepwalker walker walker

Let me out of this dream
Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Campari hour

Hehe today one of my friends cheered me up by letting me know that there is a song about Campari, one of my favorite drinks that nobody else understands and appreciates. Even though I feel I'm not ready yet to start writing on my blog, maybe I'll feel up to it tomorrow, I still want to share this song with you. Amazing! The name of the song is l'ora di Campari- the Campari hour! The video on youtube shows old ads of Campari. What a nice surprise! The song is naturally Italian, but basically it tells about how wonderful Campari is. Even though you might not understand the lyrics, it's still worth a watch. Love it!

Here is the link:

And the lyrics for those who know Italian:
Quando al fine d'un giorno noioso
La gaiezza risorge nel cuor
Cerca ognuno il perché prodigioso
E domanda con grande stupor
Donde viene questa gioia verace
Ogni crisi finita è davver
Forse al mondo ritorna la pace, no, credete, è un motivo più ver
Se d'affanni, vecchi malanni, non si sente più novella
Se ciascun sorride lieto e la vita trova bella
Se ragione misteriosa a gioir ciascuno appella
Questa è ora senza pari, questa è l'ora del campari
Brilla il sole nel cielo in festa
o di pioggia si inondi il terren
a quest'ora nel cuore si riversta il pensiero che tutto va bene
poi che la gioia salta e vermiglia e il sol ci rifiuta calor
campari l'ha chiusa in bottiglia onde tutti ripetono in cor
Se d'affanni, vecchi malanni, non si sente più novella
Se ciascun sorride lieto e la vita trova bella
Se ragione misteriosa a gioir ciascuno appella
Questa è ora senza pari, questa è l'ora del Campari
Quando gli stranieri in carovana
Dalle brume di nordico suol ripercorron la terra italiana
Nel tepore dell'italo sol
Ammiran sui colli di Roma nuove glorie ed eterno splendor
Ma lasciando bei fiori la Roma con rimpianto ripeton tra lor
Se d'affanni, vecchi malanni, non si sente più novella
Se ciascun sorride lieto e la vita trova bella
Se ragione misteriosa a gioir ciascuno appella
Questa è ora senza pari, questa è l'ora del Campari
Friday, March 12, 2010

I need a second to breathe

Hey, slow it down whataya want from me
Whataya want from me
Yeah I'm afraid whataya want from me
Whataya want from me

There might have been a time
And I would give myself away
Oooh once upon a time I didn't give a ****
But now, here we are so whataya want from me
Whataya want from me

Just don't give up I'm workin it out
Please don't give in, I won't let you down
It messed me up, need a second to breathe
Just keep coming around

Hey, whataya want from me
Whataya want from me
Whataya want from me

Yeah, it's plain to see (plain to see)
That baby you're beautiful
And it's nothing wrong with you
(Nothing wrong with you)

It's me, I'm a freak (yeah)
But thanks for lovin' me
Cause you're doing it perfectly
(It perfectly)

There might have been a time
When I would let you step away
I wouldn't even try
But I think you could save my life

Just don't give up I'm workin' it out
Please don't give in, I won't let you down
It messed me up, need a second to breathe
Just keep comin around

Hey, whataya want from me (Whataya want from me)
Whataya want from me (Whataya want from me)

Just don't give up on me
(Uuuuuuh) I won't let you down
No, I won't let you down

(So I) just don't give up
I'm workin it out
Please don't give in, I won't let you down
It messed me up (It messed me up)
Need a second to breathe
Just keep coming around

Hey, whataya want from me

Just don't give up I'm workin' it out

Please don't give in, I won't let you down
It messed me up, need a second to breathe
Just keep coming around

Hey, whataya want from me (whataya want from me)
Whataya want from me (whataya want from me)
Whataya want from me
Sunday, March 7, 2010
Chisu-Sama nainen

Luvattu on paljon
Rikottu enemmän
Vierelläsi valvon
Ja kauniina sut nään

Sä oot se jonka
Löydän aina uudelleen
Taas tässä oon ja valmis
Uuteen kierrokseen

Mut mussa ei oo mitään
Mussa ei oo mitään uutta
Oon vielä samanlainen
Sama mieli sama sydän
Sama nainen

Mä muistan kyllä
Ne kirosanat ja syyttelyn
Ja anteeksi annan
Jopa sen pahoinpitelyn

Mut mä en lupaa mitään
Mä en lupaa mitään muuta
Oon vielä samanlainen
Sama mieli sama sydän
Sama nainen

Mä en lupaa mitään
En enää lupaa mitään muuta

Oon vielä samanlainen
Sama mieli sama sydän
Sama nainen

Sanonut oon kaiken
Yö vaihtuu aamuun
Jos sä vielä haluut
Takas mä tuun
Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Maybe I've been here before
I know this room, I've walked this floor
I used to live alone before I knew you
I've seen your flag on the marble arch
love is not a victory march
It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah
Thursday, February 18, 2010
How can love fade away?
Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A personal professional victory

Today for the first time at my new job I came later to work than the rest of the staff and the children asked me where I had been. They missed me! I make a difference! They were happy to see me. This was huge for me since the children are used to changing staff. So today was a personal professional victory. Small but still nevertheless meaningful.

Website jewels

Today I found a cool website that I just had to share with you. There's a website called FWA (Favorite Website Awards),, where you can see ranked websites. I found for instance a French site called snapshots of Provence where you can see pictures from the zone and even listen to sounds from the streets there. Check it out at So amazing! Another proof of things that technology truly helps us with! Maybe one day we will have something similar about Helsinki.

Another funny one is this Japanese one,

Look at what kind of media monsters you can make!

Töölö i

Green parks, idyllic coffee shops, wooden villas, praiseworthy culture, late Jugend style architecture, small streets, cozy restaurants, a market square, cute small shops, beautiful Töölö bay, the Hietaniemi beach. All this you can find in Töölö, the area in Helsinki where I live.

The town of Töölö was first mentioned in 1476. That means even before the founding of Helsinki itself. At that moment the name Töölö stood for the whole Helsinki peninsula with its waters and islands. When Helsinki was moved to the Vantaa river in 1640, the queen of Sweden donated the town of Töölö and made it officially a part of Helsinki.

Still in the end of the 18th century, Töölö had almost no buildings. Soon though, during the 19th century villas were built in Töölö. Soon even some factories were brought to this area to accelerate the city move from the Vantaa to the Helsinki peninsula. There was a sugar factory on the Töölö bay and in the Hesperia park there was a soap, candle and playing card factory. In Hietaniemi there was a wall paper factory. The area continued to have few inhabitants, only 1749 still in the year 1870. The habitation started to grow rapidly after the industrialization and during the next 60 years the population grew with almost 36 000 inhabitants.

Today Töölö has about 30 000 inhabitants which are mainly women, middle age and middle class. Töölö has several parks, universities, hospitals, churches and offers different sport- and outdoor activity possibilities. But above everything, Töölö is a district of culture. There's music, theater, opera, art and a striking 14 museums!

Living in Töölö is wonderful. I don't think it comes as a surprise to anybody that knows me that I love living here. When I was younger, I dreamed of becoming an inhabitant of Töölö. After living here for one year and seven months, I can really say that all my dreams were there for a reason because I really like it here. Like all districts in Helsinki, Töölö offers the feeling of belonging somewhere with its small supermarkets where the workers recognize you (seeing as you visit them on a daily basis). But besides that, Töölö is filled with active people that motivate you to be active as well, via e.g. walking or jogging. There are thousands of dogs in this area, so without a doubt an inhabitant of Töölö gets affected by this and starts to dream about a dog. Since a lot of people here are sporty, you never have to worry about being alone when you go out. We also have a lot of culture events going on here, partly thanks to the Töölö bay.

Today I witnessed another aspect of Töölö. I woke up to see some helicopters circulating around our home street. First I thought that they were taking people to the hospital, that maybe an accident had occurred. But once I put on the news, I got my answer. An international summit about the Baltic Sea was being held today in Helsinki close by to our home, in the Finlandia Hall, and therefore these helicopters were circulating to make sure that nothing went wrong during the summit. Suddenly I remembered how central I actually live in Helsinki. It's going to be very sad when I have to give up this apartment, but I know that that day is coming soon because of my autumn plans, but everything is possible. At least I will always remember the time I've lived here.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wrapping up the Picasso exhibition in a blanket

The Picasso exhibition we had in loan here in Helsinki from Paris has now officially ended. At first the exhibition was thought to finish in the beginning of January but seeing as it enjoyed such a huge success here, it was allowed to continue until January 28th 2010.
Overall the exhibition had 314 755 visitors, a personal record for the Finnish National Gallery called Ateneum. The workers at the museum called the exhibition something "never seen before" in Helsinki and celebrated it with a bottle of champagne after the exhibition closure.

I know a lot of people have critized it because its lack of relation to the city itself or Finland. But then again, a lot of exhibitions worldwide have little to do with the place where they are. I think it's about time that even our museums make an effort to lure tourists here. We have the facilities and spaces, so why not? Let's make Helsinki the destination it could be.

Notice the picture of the last visitors of the Picasso exhibition standing outside the Ateneum museum in blankets.

Nokia's strikeback

Nokia's strikeback today towards the announcements made yesterday by the CEO of Apple Steve Jobs have been loud and clear. Yesterday Jobs said that Apple is now the biggest producer of mobile devices according to its turnover.
Nokia made it clear today that the company was not ready to accept this claim. Nokia's CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo showed that during last October-December Apple's turnover was 10,73 billion euros whereas Nokia's was at the same time a striking 11,99 billion euros.
I guess this rivarly will never end but still today we Finns can be proud of our giant company.
Thursday, January 28, 2010

An observer

Today is another proof of the fact that technology is today's thing. After three years of "silence", Apple introduced their new product, something between an intelligent phone and a laptop, the iPad that is. It's funny to see the reactions people have to these new technological developments. I read some on the leading Finnish tv channels website (in Finnish: and basically to sum them up I can say that some people are against the new gadget and some are totally for it. The rejections and questions that it arises are quite logical. Some people are just afraid of change. What might this invention mean? Some question if it's a good idea that people start walking around with tv screens. Some question if touchscreens really are the future since a lot of people still feel afraid of using and estranged to them.

Lately there has been a lot of discussion in Finland about the rivalry between Nokia and Apple. Nokia seems to think that Apple has stolen their software concerning intelligent phones..the dispute doesn't seem to have an end. Maybe this new invention will catch the attention and redirect it towards Apple. Nevertheless, new developments set grounds for the future so it's worth mentioning.

My new job today seem interesting, definately a challenge. Even though I only spent four hours at the kindergarten, I think I got a quite good overview of what is to come. I have already lots of ideas about how the activities can be furtherdeveloped. We'll see. Right now it's best to just observe and not judge. The children seem sweet, obviously they represent the challenge. But I've always liked children since it's so clear to see how the adults affect them. The sad truth of course being though that most of what the children learn, they get from home. All we can do at the kindergarten is try to support the children and make them feel secure about themselves and their surroundings.
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Under the falling snowflakes...

Today a brrring -20 degrees. Helsinki has really enjoyed an old fashion winter this year. About two weeks ago we had the most beautiful surroundings when we had fresh snow and breathtaking views all around Helsinki. At that time I fulfilled one of my all time dreams to walk on ice from the Hietalahti beach to Seurasaari. We actually walked from our appartment to my mom's place, a total of about 6 km!

As you have noticed, I haven't been that active concerning my blog. What can I say to justify that? Honestly I had no clue to how hard it would be to graduate on time, in February that is.

Seeing as I have been writing on my thesis for over a year now, I actually thought it would be finished in no time once I put myself to it and concentrated myself on writing. This wasn't completely true though. I must say that editing the same text and developing it for a year has been one of the most difficult challenges I've had. That's why my thesis is my pride, I can actually say that I have put all my blood, sweat and tears in that text. 133 pages of me. I think the text talks for itself. The thesis actually shows all my points of interests, it discusses Helsinki, Italy, tourism and marketing- some main points of me. In that sense the thesis could function even as a CV for me. Read the thesis if you want to know what I'm all about. The thesis can be read (in Swedish, with an English summary) on the website Enjoy! The thesis was the most significant part of me graduating and therefore I'm happy to declare that I got the grade excellent for it. So I guess you could say that it is a good justification for silencing my voice for a while.

Nevertheless, now that the thesis is done, accepted and graded, I can finally breath out again. My courses are all done, I have enough study points. So guess what? I'm actually graduating in February. February 19th to be exact. It seems that at that time my mom and some of my friends are out of town, so I won't officially celebrate it before the end of February but the graduation ceremony at my school will take place that day.

Since this huge change in my life has finally knocked on my door, it has forced me to seek a job and plan my future. At least think about it. The job situation in Finland is terrible right now, at least in my field. Just yesterday they said in the news that young people, in the age 18-25, are especially hit by this recession. The percentage of unemployed has risen with 40% since last year! I have contacted all the hotel chains in Helsinki and tried to find something for this spring, but it just seemed impossible. Therefore I stretched my way of thinking and applied also for jobs outside my field of study. Lucilly I found a job at a kindergarten so from next Monday I will help in taking care of 2-year-olds. I'm a stand in for a worker who is on mother leave I believe. I will stay there until the end of May at least. I'm happy about this. The worst thing would be to have to sit around at home doing nothing. I've always considered myself an active person and I would just hate having nothing to do. I need to keep myself active and of course I need the job also for financial reasons. At least this way my finance is secured for the spring. I've already been talking to the tourist office of Helsinki about returning there for the summer. Hopefully they will accept my application and let me work there for the third summer in a row.

So there it was, the update I've been wanting to do for some time now. I think I did pretty good. I'll write again tomorrow once I've visited my new job and spent some hours there. I guess you could call it an introduction. I'll fill you in on it tomorrow...
Thursday, January 7, 2010

Come play with Audrey Kawasaki...

Fell in love with an artist a couple of days ago that I really have to share with you guys..Audrey Kawasaki is her name as she's from LA, USA. She's the same age as my sis, born in -82, but already she's world famous for her paintings of young girls. Her works are oil paintings painted directly onto wood panels, and her style has been described as a fusion of modern art and Japanese manga.
I can see that a lot of her paintings have a meaning, a story. They play with ideas, thoughts of what is right and wrong, and some of them are even erotic. I've noticed that there is one paiting for each of my emotions. I can always find one that interests me and therefore talks to me.

Have a look at them and get inspired!
But I warn you, the awake thoughts! Here are some of my favorites...