Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Taking my first step on the career path

Helsinki, 4 degrees.

Last Friday was one of the best days in my life! Many people around me know that I have been waiting to have an anwer concerning my work situation for weeks now, more than four to be exact. It has been nerve racking, and I have almost been pulling my hair off my head because of the waiting. Suspense and uncertainty are from here on my two new enemies since I truly know how they make you feel. Finally, last Friday I got my answer and luckily this time it was the one I had been dreaming about- I got the job I wanted. I got a maternity leave substitute position at the Helsinki Tourist Office for two whole years! I will be one of the permanent workers at the office and be responsible for the duties of my colleague that's on maternity leave. This means so much to me! The position stands for so many things; security, self-confidence, happiness, career, you name it.

Security in the sense that now I don't have to wake up each morning wondering where I'll be the next. I know I have my place now. I will also get great health care service and benefits I've never had before, like discounts at the gym, the possibility to eat at the City Hall and of course paid holidays.

Self-confidence since I now know that I am appreciated at my work place and that I actually am good at what I do. This will be the first time in my life when I will have my own title- tourist informant. 'Til now I've merely been a tourist advisor, but now I'm something far better, hehe. I might even get my own visiting card, how cool is that?

The new position will bring me happiness because it's important to feel that I can contribute is bringing money home. I know we live in a world where people think men and women are equal and in order to realize that one needs to be able to provide as well as one's partner. For me the fact that I feel that I can provide for my family, that for now consists "only" of me and my boyfriend, makes a lot of difference. I want him to be proud of me.

Finally, the position means that I have taken my first step on my career path. From now on, I will have worked somewhere for two years- that's a great qualification. I have been so sick of changing work places every four months. Now I can feel that I belong somewhere and that I have made a difference somewhere. Visiting the health care department of the city of Helsinki yesterday, I heard something that really made me smile. The doctor who saw me congratulated me for getting a job in my own field during the same year as my graduation. She honestly asked me if I know how lucky I am, and I had to answer her with a smile "Yes, I know".

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