Saturday, January 29, 2011

I heart Hel looks

Helsinki, +-0 degrees

As many of you probably know, I think of Helsinki as a fashionable European city and I believe trends start here everyday. Lately there's been a lot of discussion about what can be considered a fashion trend. Finns are known to be modest, even when it comes to clothing, and therefore some people have thought of Finns as more followers of trends than creators of trendy clothing. One of my favorite websites concerning fashion trends in Helsinki is called "Hel Looks". The site is actually a blog showing the clothing of regular people stopped on the Helsinkian streets. I contacted the makers of this site to congratulate them on a well made site and the makers told me that they just randomly pick the people they stop on the streets and take photos of. They said though, that the focus of the blog is on the clothes. The photographers first see the clothes, then the person. I liked that idea and I like the way the blog portray Helsinki; just the way I picture it in my head as a melting point but also starting point for fashion trends!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spring bubbling under the wintry surface

Helsinki, -7 degrees.

After a week of free relaxing days, it feels nice to think about going back to everyday life and work on Tuesday. I guess this was my winter holiday, something I didn't enjoy around Christmas. Even though Helsinki is still covered with beautiful snow and looks like a true winter wonderland, I've felt a sensation of about what new to bring out for year 2011. I love this time of year, it feels like everybody is bubbling with ideas; it's a wonderfully innovative and creative time of the year. I call it the bubbly time before the blossoming.

I personally felt very restless before the beginning of this week. It felt like I had ran out of new ideas since I was so mentally tired that I just couldn't think of anything new and creative. This due to a combination of things. My job has and is still one of the greatest things in my life. It's a dynamic workplace, always changing and therefore challenging. But in my personal life I've had some things that I have struggled with and those were eating on me. Seriously eating on me. This week it feels like I've had enough time to think about those things and I feel that finally I'm the master of my life again.

I can't say that I could have come to this conclusion if I wouldn't have such a great boyfriend. Of course at a certain point my anger, the one I had inside of me towards everyone and everything, went out on him as well. Fortunately we've had the chance to spend time together this week and bonded even more than ever before. I know now that I'm in a happy place in my life. We're, and therefore, I am stronger than ever.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The amulet for 2011

Helsinki, +1 degrees

I need your I said, I made an amulet out of tin on New Year's Eve, but I need your help to understand what it stands for.

This year my amulet fell into many pieces, that I think have different meaning. So actually I didn't get just one, but two main ones.

Here comes the pictures. Here is the whole thing.

Now lets take it into smaller pieces, first picture, then the shadow of it (sometimes the shadow can tell more than the actual piece of tin)

In this one, I have mainly seen a boy on a rock..I don't know about least it looks like a child for me.

Then lets see the other one (first picture, then shadow):

In this one I've seen an elf, or a man with a hoody...also fire, and a dog..

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time flies as confusion continues...

Helsinki, -1 degrees.

I suddenly noticed that I hadn't written anything since before Christmas. I feel I owe you an explanation. Christmas went by so fast, I only had two days off work; Christmas Eve and Christmas day so it didn't really feel like any holiday at all. For some time now, I've been working all the holidays in order to gather some days off in a row, and in two weeks I will actually have a whole week off work! It's kind of a paid holiday, but unfortunately I won't be able to travel anywhere due to lack of cold cash. I had been dreaming about travelling but the harsh truth showed me that it's impossible for me to travel. I know I shouldn't complain, I just got to go to Rome, but what can a girl do other than dream?

That week, week 3, will be filled with programme and fun stuff since it's e.g. my wonderful boyfriend's birthday. I dream of spending the whole week with him, 24/7, but I'm not yet sure if I'll be that lucky since he doesn't still know if he can get the whole week off work.

I think I will use that week to relax and catch up on my reading.

Like I said, Christmas and New Years flew by so fast that I have hardly yet realized that it's 2011. One week gone and I still haven't made any resolutions. I need to activate myself. I even followed the tradition and made an amulet for luck for 2011 our of tin like we tend to do in Finland, but I still haven't stopped to wonder about what it resembles. Tomorrow I'll ask your opinion...

This evening I'll lose myself into the seven movies we rented for a week. I'll try to get rid of my confusion with refusing to think at all, ahhaha...