Monday, April 4, 2011

One Piece

Helsinki, 4 degrees

On a rainy & grey Monday morning like this one, what would be better than to look around for new fashion trends. For some time now, I have been hearing about one pieces. I thought today would be a great day to explore this trend. Have you heard about it yet? Apparently it's a huge trend in our neighboring countries.


Basically a one piece is a college outfit, a jumpsuit, made out of cotton. The story behind it is comfort. The Swedish company OnePiece makes advertisment saying that you'll love the outfit even more than your own mother thanks to its comfort. The outfit represents the attitude "Who cares?" The company's utopian vision is to create the most innovative and premium leisurewear.

A funny detail is that the looser the outfit it, the better! As the advertisment says: if it's loose enough, you might even fit two people in it.

Seemingly in Sweden they use them even as party dresses with high heels. That sounds fun at least according to me. I'm not sure if Finnish guys though would ever dare to use outfits like these, but I'm sure every girl can find her own favorite.


The outfit isn't cheap though, as far as I've seen it's about 150€-250€. So one should think of it as a piece of design clothing. Have you found your favorite yet?

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