Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finland on a plate - my vision

Helsinki, 12 degrees

Today I had a really positive and motivating day at work - lovely clients, new possibilities and great support! Like I mentioned earlier, now during fall time, I have more time to focuse on each customer and that means that I can really have a discussion with almost all of them, and as you know I love to talk so this is the best time of the year!

 Source: Free extras

Today I also noticed that the new brochure that I have developed, that I like to call "Finland on a plate", has received a lot of attention. I noticed during last fall/winter that customers were asking a lot about typical Finnish dishes that we serve here in the Helsinkian restaurants but there was no pictures of these dishes in a list form, only lists of restaurants but that's boring I thought. The food is the focal point.

So I took the model of other countries and created a list, that some might find humorous, but I don't mind since it answers a clear demand that we had of pictures of Finnish dishes. In other countries it's common to see pictures of dishes in restaurants, but here in Finland we tend to think that is primitive so we tend to have only the names of the dishes on menus. Nevertheless, customers ask us what the words on the menus stand for. After all, if we serve animals not encountered in other parts of the world, are we not responsible to tell our customers what we are serving?

Do you have any ideas how we could develope this list/menu?

Recently I have started to use a different strategy concerning my working place blog. I've contacted some restaurants and asked them to let me visit some of them, so that I can write about them in the blog. This strategy seems to be working because I have received some invites so I can finally start to write the blog on a more serious basis, at least now during the low season of tourism in Helsinki. Lets see, maybe this time next year, I'll be a restaurant, café and nightlife expert of Helsinki. I wish!

Ethnicity, environmental friendliness and exoticism = the base of Finnish design

Helsinki, 14 degrees

Vilma Riitijoki has been elected this year's "Young Designer" in Finland with her collection Lailai. The young designer wanted to combine the perfection and sense of luxury of the jugend style with ethnicity and exoticism. According to Riitijoki her designs can be either festive or suited for everyday use, depending on how one combine her pieces of clothing. In the planning process being environmentally friendly was vitally important for the designer.

Source: Vilma Riitijoki

Riitijoki studies clothing design at the University of Applied Sciences of Hämeenlinna called Wetterhoff.

The "Young Designer" competition is organized by The Finnish Fair Corporation for Finnish clothing design students. This was the 17th time the competition was organized.  The work of the newly elected "Young Designer" will be presented at the Fashion fair in Helsinki on the 21st-23rd of October 2011. The jury consisted of designers Jaakko Selin, Ritva Falla, Hammi Mettinen, Nina Nuorivaara, Mari Talka and a respresentative of the Finnish Fair Corporation.
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The chestnut season

Helsinki, 11 degrees

The autumn season has truly arrived to Helsinki - the trees are colorful and the park outisde our apartment building is filled with chestnuts on the ground that keep on falling from the marron trees. We have a word in Finnish for the colorful leaves in the trees, "ruska". This word has its origins in the saame language which is spoken in the true North. Have you heard about it?

My mom belongs to the people who love to see ruska in Lapland, but I love autumn in Helsinki; the crispy air in the morning, trench coats, boots and scarfs..

Source: Flickr

At work autumn means a more quiet time; from the busy summery days with many thousand customers we now encounter days with about 400 customers per day. This means we have more time to spend with each customer which is nice. It also means that I get to focuse on other work tasks than summertime.

Today I spent some time going through restaurant, café and nightlife news concerning Helsinki. It's interesting to see how the city keeps on changing all the time. I hope to have some spare time during the next weeks to get to go to some of the new places that have come up in Helsinki.

On Monday I had a presentation for some 20 Italians concerning Helsinki and its sights. These Italians were guests of Helsinki's personnel center and they were here to make acquaintance to our maternity system. I was a little bit nervous before the presentation because it was the first time I've had a presentation like this for a group of this size in Italian. I like to believe that I'm fluent in the language but it's a completely different matter to have a presentation in it than talking it at the office to my colleagues or customers. They were super nice people though and the presentation went really well, so I was extremely happy.

On Saturday I'll finally have my appointment with the hairdresser, so I still desperately need your help and opinions concerning what hair style I should go with...have a look at the blog post that presented some ideas I had about what to do with my hair.  Until now I've heard that I should try gradient coloring, what do you think about that?  Share your thoughts - all comments are welcome!
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sequins, drama, sailor spirit and girly fluffiness - got to love fashion weeks!

Helsinki, 14 degrees

I promised to continue the review of outfits that have caught my eye during the fashion weeks in Milan, London and New York..enjoy!

The photos I've used are from Elle Finland

One of my absolute favorites from the London fashion weeks was Antonio Berardi who displayed stunning dresses with unique details like this one! Look at the incredible sequins on this dress! Wow!

I loved the look of this smart vest which has the best parts of a jacket but is still perfect for spring since it's a vest.

Again, look at these pants - they're amazing! You can see that the designer has put a lot of work into them and they really catch your attention. I truly hope that we'll see more of these next spring!

Yet again, a stunning dress by Antonio Berardi. Just take a minute to adore it - it's worth it!

I even liked this dress which has taken influences according to me from Greek goddesses!

Brittish Ashish offered fun accessories, starting from the boots. I, as a true Marimekko lover, liked the poppy pattern of the dress here.

Badgley Mischka had cute spring dresses that I liked.

Even the accessories were interesting...

The color combinations were eyecatching...

The pattern fusions of Basso and Brooke remained in my mind after seeing the pictures from London's fashion weeks. Fascinating!

 I also liked the strong orange color they used..

 Betsey Johnson had a colorful and fun collection with gorgeous accessories like this hat!

Bill Blass had really captured the sailor feeling in his wonderful collection! I liked all of his pieces! In this outfit I especially liked the hankie in the front pocket! Finally even women can use them!

I like everything about this outfit!

 I love this sailor skirt!

One of my favorites among the collections in Milan was the one of Blugirl! I like everything about this outfit- the hat, the dress, the trench coat, the shoes, the belt!

And this fluffy skirt - love it!

 This outfit is just fun, I love the color use!

 I like the idea about combining a leopard pattern with a flowery pattern!

 In this outfit I love the dress! And the diadem!

 This outfit is just so cute!

Bora Aksu had a fun top!

 I thought this dress was fun!

This skirt is just made for the runway, it's stunning! Ironically made by the designer who won the TV show "Project Runway".

 I love this theatrical dress! Love the drama!

I don't think it comes as any surprise that I like this collection, I think it would be strange if I wouldn't. After all, we're talking about D&G. Anyway, the collection was beautiful. These are two of the outfits I liked the most!

Finally, I thought this hat was so funny that I had to add it...a modern cowboy hat?

What do you think about the outfits?

Dream away!

Helsinki, 15 degrees

Days pass by very busy...with work, going to the cinema, class reunion planning, presentations, dentist appointments, clothing selling, learning Russian, you name it!

Before telling you all about that, I'll let you dream some more about next spring! Having a look at the fashion weeks in Milan, London and New York is the best way to dream away. These are some of the spring 2012 designers that have catched my eye during the last couple of days.

The source for my pictures is Elle Finland.

Acne offered some of the funniest sunglasses, I like!

This dress I found to be very romantic!

 I love Adam's bird pattern, more of this!

 Adam's romantic large flowers fascinated me! I hope we'll see these next spring!

This dress is just beautiful!

 What stunning color! A lavender dream!

 I liked Albeta Ferretti's color use and jacket model!

What can I say? Amazing color use again, and super fine dress model!

 Alberta Ferretti also offered some particular lace use that I haven't seen before! More of these sexy dresses!


 Albino had some interesting dresses that started immediately underneath the shoulders!

 This combination of a white top and a peach skirt was of my liking!

 Alexander Wang had a lot of interesting new models of overalls and jumpsuits! I loved!

In this outfit I fell in love with the ribbon on the waistline!

 Altuzarra takes us to the judge and introduces amazing color use both concerning skirts and jackets! Raugh!

What have you seen during the fashion weeks that you've liked?
To be continued...