Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Helsinki travel articles

Helsinki, 6 degrees

Design and architecture coursing through veins.

Here a post for all of you dreaming about coming to Helsinki, here's two recent travel articles about my amazing city!

In Swedish, you can read Expressen's article.

In English, please look into the article written by the Daily Telegraph where Norman Miller explains how we Helsinkians have design and architecture coursing through our veins.

Did you learn something new?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas season dress

Helsinki, 7 degrees

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chill out wear

Helsinki, 8 degrees

My jaw almost dropped  a couple of days ago when I saw a group of ten friends on Helsinki's main shopping street dressed in no other than Sweden's biggest current fashion trend - the one piece that is! An interesting fact is to notice that Swedish fashion trends reach even Helsinki over night since we e.g. have so many Swedish tourists in Helsinki on a daily basis.

Funny enough, only two days ago, online game company Paf released an article where it was said that this year's top Christmas gift in Sweden will be this kind of jumpsuit which I call  a "cosy outfit". I think they look awfully cosy indeed, but I must say that they did not fit in in the Helsinkian streetview!!! I would definately keep them at home, and not go shopping in them! What do you think?


Of course these jumpsuits got their start one early Sunday morning in 2007, when Henrik, Knut and Thomas, three Norwegians in their twenties, fantasized about the ultimate chill-out wear that would be perfect for a lazy day at home.

Most of my Swedish friends have also been vividly discussing this fashion trend on Facebook, it actually seems that all Sweeds want them! The two leading companies making them are Onepiece and Ziperall. These jumpsuits that suit all moments according to Sweeds cost up to 200€, so we are talking about true fashion items. Where do you stand on this point?

It seems that even celebrities like Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, David Beckham, Jude Law and Sadie Frost have the jumpsuit.

According to fashion blog Yummy we are getting out first jumpsuit store in Helsinki on the 2nd of December. I guess after that these jumpsuits will be an everyday sight in Helsinki!
Friday, November 25, 2011

Helsinki- as sweet as a strawberry cocktail!

Helsinki, 8 degrees

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to host an Italian couple who had won a competition through VisitFinland's website and spent a complementary week in Finland. My office's and therefore my part was to function as a hostess during a dinner and some after dinner cocktails. The evening started out at the couple's hotel, Hotel Glo Kluuvi, which is one of the nicest design hotels in Helsinki.


It turned out the couple came from Bolzano, Northern Italy, so I did fine with my Milanese accent, hehe. The couple praised the hotel. I must say, even according to me, they had received such a nice price. First a couple of days in Helsinki and then they headed up to Lapland for a week.

This year, as many of you have certainly noticed it's a uncommonly warm late fall. Last year this time we had tons of snow, but this year, we're still having plus degrees and snow is nowhere to be seen. Even in Lapland they have had to cancel some of the skiing competitions due to the lack of snow. I'm hoping for a white Christmas though, so let's see if the snow will reach us in time.

If you want to learn more about why to visit Finland in general, you can see the pdf presentation designed by VisitFinland, it's superb! Did you learn something new about Finland?

Back to the hosting...we had dinner at the legendary restaurant Kolme Kruunua (three crownes) in the Kruunuhaka district. The restaurant is actually conveniently located on the street that bears my name!


The couple tried some traditional Finnish dishes like reindeer, Baltic herrings, salmon soup and I on the other hand tried some duck breast with port wine as raspberry sauce and risotto. Yummy!

After dinner we headed to one of Helsinki nicest cocktail lounges, A21 that is. There we had a so called Suomi (Finland) menu with three cocktails, all representing the Finnish nature at its best. I even had a champagne cocktail with strawberry after that, loved it!


In the end, we had a great time together and I hope to meet again this sweet Italian couple. Hosting is nice when you get to meet such nice people and explore the wonderful city of Helsinki with them!

What is your favorite cocktail?
Thursday, November 24, 2011

November inspiration: sailor styles, LBDs, and eyewear

Helsinki, 7 degrees

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Clothing indulgence

Helsinki, -1 degrees

Seeing as we've passed Mid November already, it's time for my montly traversal of Finnish fashion magazines. I thought I would focuse on Trendi and Olivia this month.

I must start by saying though that I was disappointed with both magazines this month. I think it would be important, during the months of darkness that we are living right now in Helsinki (with only seven hours of light), to focuse on inspiring fashion news to lighten up the Helsinkian spirit, but I found only some novelties in the mags. Oh well, one can't be equally happy every month I guess.

I would have wished for some hints how to dress up for the Christmas season parties that we have in Helsinki during November and December; almost every weekend now there is some kind of Christmas related friend or work place party.

Anyway, in Olivia, I loved a spread about blogger Niina Tapojärvi, responsible for the blog Nelliinan vaatehuone, one of Finland's most well known fashion blogs. Readers on the Olivia website have been able to choose three styles for Niina. The styles chosen for her are Androgyny, a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics, the rock chick and the goddess of the forest. 

My personal favorite is the goddess of the forest, since I truly am a dress girl. I even love the headband, what a great outfit! Satin dresses have been some of my favorites for a while now.

Olivia also introduced Colombian designer Haider Ackermann which the magazine called mysterious. According to Olivia there are three reasons to get acquainted with his work: he crosses country borders, he's a rising star and he's mystical.


According to Ackermann's own website "Born in Sante Fe de Bogota, Colombia, with French parents, Haider Ackermann grew up living in various cities throughout Europe and Africa. After graduating from high school in The Netherlands, he then moved to Belgium to join The Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerpen. He left the Academy after 3 years to start working for different designers.

In March 2001, he presents his first collection in Paris (autum winter 2001-2002), collection acclaimed by the international press, soon after, in 2002 the Italian luxury leather house Ruffo asked him to collaborate on the Ruffo Research collection.

2004, Haider Ackermann is the winner of the prestigious «Swiss Textile Award» and in 2005, after he signs up with the belgian Groupe 32, he moves to Paris. That same year, he contributes to A magazine as Guest Curator. Haider Ackermann’s work is about contrast. The mix between high and low culture, elegance and street life. He is intrigued by cultural differences and cultural force. The purity and simply aesthetic of forms mixed with the activity and vitality of life itself."

I like the fact that he seems somewhat like a vagabond, a fashion nomad, moving from place to place, taking influences from many places. Keep you eyes open for Ackermann, I'm sure we'll see much of him in the future.

In Trendi on the other hand, I noticed the lamb coat fashion trend which the magazine introduced. I don't know if it's current in Helsinki, since it's already parka jacket weather here, a lamb coat seems unfortunately too cold for our weather conditions, but this might be something for the spring?

I've been waiting for some jacket related novelties ever since the capes came out. Now my cape jacket is on winter break, let's see if it will come out again in spring, or maybe I'll trade it in for a lamb coat like this.

Some fashion bloggers have been talking about colorful fake fur jackets and puff coats. I like this of The Man Repeller...

..and this fur vest in fashion blog Yummy...

...without forgetting these colorfurs on Auroran henkarit.

I like the idea of wearing white in wintertime that Trendi talks about. It makes us look like snow flakes I think. The magazine even encourages us to pamper ourselves in the wait for Christmas by wearing soft knits, luxiurious jewelry and silk underwear and soft scarves. In fact this was the only page writing about bringing light into the dark by choosing what to wear - go Trendi!

Last but not least, I've noticed a lot of head pieces now when it's windier weather. I would like to find a turban, somewhat like this one shown in Trendi. It looks so comfortable!

Even Elle Finland magazine has had an article about similar turbans. Do you have good hints to tell me where one can find turbans like these?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Multi color

Helsinki, 5 degrees

Since it's the sequin season, I thought I would share with you some of my favorites that I've stumbled upon.



Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finnish Lapphund

Helsinki, 5 degrees

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Business alien in Stockholm

Helsinki, 4 degrees

Like I mentioned in my post yesterday, I spent a day in Stockholm. Even though it's always a pleasure to visit Stockholm, this was no leisure trip but I went there for work. The ferry company Viking Line, operating in Finland, Sweden and Estonia, has its Swedish call center located in Stockholm and me and one of my colleagues from the marketing team of our office went to the Swedish office to tell the sellers some news about Helsinki and give some updated information about new sights, events, especially now when the Christmas season is creeping up on us.

Since we didn't have that much time in Stockholm, the flight there already takes an hour, we spent most of our short spare time walking in the vicinity of the Central Railway Station. We found a nice coffee shop that my colleague knew since it has free wifi internet access so we had a nice breakfast at the Espresso House.

It's fun to notice that even though my mother tongue is Swedish and Sweden is our neighboring country, we have a lot in common but there are always small differences that seprarate us. For instance, in Finland, one can not have a café without having some toilet facilities in it. In Sweden on the other hand, one can. Sometime one truly feels like Sting's song about being an alien, a legal alien, in Stockholm.

At the Viking Line office, located in the Nacka area of Stockholm, about 1,5 km from the Central Railway Station, the views from the ninth floor was amazing! Don't mind the poor quality of these photos, they are taken with my phone...

I had never been standing so high in Stockholm, exciting!

After we had our three our long presentation, and discussing with the responsible for the call center, we were off again for the airport. This trip as you notice was extremely short! But I enjoyed it, Sweds are always super friendly and the people we talked to were so interested in Helsinki! We had luck with the weather as well, the sun was shining all the time! What a great time! Here's still a picture of me on our minitrip! Here you see a glimt of my winter jacket, Stadium's Everest jacket!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Makeup party

Helsinki, 0 degrees

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A happy memory never wears out

Helsinki, 6 degrees 

Sometimes you need a reminder that you’re living, and this weekend has definitely been just that- a reminder of what great people I have in my life: from my past, in my future and current life. 

On Friday I finally had my long awaited junior high school reunion that I had been planning since June. It was held at Hotel Haven, in the hotel's two conference rooms.  In total we were 29 persons out of about 60 students that studied together during the last year of junior high school, quite a good score if you ask me, as good as half! I think that tells you something about the spirit of my former class!


I participated in a planning group consisting of three persons. We had met three times before the event to plan it, and sent endless emails and Facebook messages to each other. I must say, now looking back at the event, that we really nailed it!

The hotel on the other hand did not really nail it, haha. When we arrived we heard that the preceding event, a meeting, was still going on in the conference rooms where we were supposed to have our class reunion. The guiding board where there was supposed to say "junior high school class reunion" was also wrongly written, when we arrived it merely had my surname on it. Even though I think that all my former classmates know my last name, it wasn't really the idea that it would say only my name. Fortunately enough we in the planning group has arrived so early that we still had time to fix these small miner obstacles.

Since the rooms were occupied, we sat down in the hotel bar, which is stunning by the way, and had ourselves some complementary champagne. 


While waiting in the bar I was a nervous wreck since I felt responsible for the event and our guests. When we finally got in to the conference rooms, I felt I could finally breath normally and it turned out to be such a great reunion with the an incredible sense of togetherness. 

The seating order was organized in the sense that each guest got a playing card, and he/she had to find another card of the same kind on the tables. We sat in three tables with 10 persons. 

We didn't have that much program planned, which turned out to be the right choice since everybody had tons of things to talk about with each other. I was afraid people wouldn't have anything to say to each other, but way was I wrong!

We started the evening with a toast, followed by a buffet dinner. In between the main course and dessert we had some program carried out by us in the planning group. We read out loud some random memories from our junior high school that we had collected before the reunion through an anonymous questionnaire. This turned out to be one of the most entertaining parts of the evening! 

We had also collected some greetings from former classmates that couldn't be with us that evening due to the fact that they nowadays live abroad. These greetings were also highly appreciated by the guests.

In all it was all a huge success! After the dessert the conversation continued and eventually it was difficult to leave the hotel on time to continue somewhere else. About half of us continued to restaurant Teatteri. There the partying continued until early morning, what a night! I think this is the most describing picture of the afterparty!

Concerning my outfit for the evening...I had chosen a yellow dress for the reunion, inspired by the current powerful color trend!


Maybe again in another nine years? As the saying goes: "recall as often as you wish, a happy memory never wears out!" In the end we do not remember days: we remember moments!
Thursday, November 10, 2011

Inspiring future colleagues

Helsinki, 4 degrees

Today I had the chance to represent my work place at a senior high school in our neighboring city Kauniainen. It's always fun to meet youngsters and discuss tourism as a work field and phenomenon with them. These students, that I met today, have had the possibility to choose a study program where they focus on languages. In senior high school they could study besides Swedish, Finnish and English, even Russian, Estonian, Spanish, German and French. What a great idea already in senior high school! I wish I could have chosen that during my high school studies. The students were eager to start working in the tourism field, and that's always heartwarming for me.

For today's presentation, I chose a silk like dress with a beige jacket, silver key necklace, some black tights and black ankle boots. I had taken the inspiration from some items at Fashiolista. This is how my version of the outfit looked like.