Monday, January 30, 2012

Shimmer and wintertime treats

Helsinki, -9 degrees

It seems arctic cold air is reaching Finland, central Europe and the Black Sea from Siberia so during the next few days we'll have very cold weather. Here in Southern Finland it will stand for about -15 but in Northern Finland some freezing -30 degrees will hit Finland! I've heard about -50 in Siberia, that's already too much! I think the weather here in Southern Finland has been strikingly beautiful! I love the snowy weather! The glittering snow in the strong sunlike is wonderful! Have a look at these stunning photos from my yesterday walk!

My city is so beautiful, I mean look at this silhouette, with the symbol of the city on the left!

And look at this snow shimmer!

I've taken good use of the silk scarf I got for Christmas. I think its pink color is perfect for the season! Right now I'm going through some kind of pink period, I'm crazy about the color!

I've lately also discovered some lingonberry licorice, it's yummy! It's definately my winter treat this year! Have you tried it? I got mine at Sis. Deli+café!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Clear crispy cold cottoncandy choir

Helsinki, -8 degrees

Winter is finally getting a hold of Helsinki. Our visitors have been happy to meet snow in the city but today was the first time some mentioned that the wind is beginning to feel too cold. For next week, even -15 degrees is promised, let's see. A clear winter sky always stands for colder weather but it also brings out the sun, unlike e.g. foggy weather, so usually I prefer clear weather, even though it might feel cold. Nothing beats a clear crispy cold winter morning!

Concerning this month's magazine traversal, it's all about color instead of snow white. This spring's style bible, at least if you ask me, is Elle's collections attachment to this month's magazine.

In this month's Olivia magazine though, my attention was caught by blogger Stella Harasek who chose three styles for this month: the colorful minimalist, the glamour chick and the Mad Men woman.

I especially like the colorful outfit, but there's something about the Mad Men outfit as well that strikes me as inspirational! What do you think?

I also loved Olivia's spreads about work outfits since it can sometimes be quite difficult to know "how to dress for the occasion". These clear styles help with solving work outfit related problems. The first outfit is meant for people working in customer service; a comfortable outfit that is still representative!

This style is for the office. I love the knee length skirt!

These on the other hand are suitable for law firms and class rooms, how fun!

And last but not least, the man dominated field and client meetings. I love both of these outfits, they're so classy and colorful!

As icing on the cake, here's this the treat I was talking about: Elle's collections attachment.

Finally shorts are back and suitable even for office work! Yey! Gold continues to spice up the wardrobe even this spring!

My absolute favorite style of the season is this: a summer day in the office. City shorts, a silk shirt and a jacket, all different color - can it be more simple? But it definately works! I'm in love!

And finally, silk scarves turned into dresses! I've been waiting for this fashion trend to become big ever since I saw a similar dress like this in Nice back in 2006-2007.

The so called cottoncandy choir is also worth mentioning, I mean look at the harmony of these outfits. These looks are as sweet as candy! My favorite of the pastel colors is definately the light purple/lavender since it's a newcomer! Join the carnival and have yourself some candy floss!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

“Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives.”

Helsinki, -6 degrees

During the last couple of days I've been crazy busy so I appologize for being so quiet when it comes to my blog. But when you here about the new developments and changes in my life, I know you'll understand. I'll explain everything to you during the weekend, that's a promise! In the meantime I've been happy to see that you liked the videoclips I put on the blog, so I will make sure I'll have some also in the future. Thanks for the great feedback!

I have earlier presented my winter jacket to you, today I thought I would present my headwear, also by Everest Nordic that one finds at Stadium, the biggest sport store in the Nordic countries. 

I would also want to take this chance to show you some painting I've done lately. I have transformed our entrance from red into white, which makes it so much lighter and more spacious! The shelf is from IKEA. What do you think? Spring brings out all kinds of new energy and ideas in me!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snowflakes are kisses sent from heaven!

Helsinki, -4 degrees

Since you've shown that you like my snow related posts, I thought I would show you some videoclips related to snow, hope you like them as well! The first one shows heavy snow fall outside our apartment building..

whereas the other ones show me and the view from my window yesterday when some city workers were throwing down snow from the roof of our apartment building!

Have you ever experienced anything like it? How much snow does your city receive?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nordic Travel Fair Matka 2012

Helsinki, -2 degrees

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tag - The Versatile Blog Awards

Helsinki, -1 degree

This post is a response to the tag that was sent to me by Lady Writer: I was named one of the 15 current blogs that she considers most interesting. First Lady Writer- thank you so much for the tag, I appreciate it!

About the tag:
It serves, first of all, to know bloggers better, through a small interview with seven points, and to get to know other bloggers.

There are also other small rules to follow, which are:
1) Thank the person who appointed you and add the link of his/her blog when you write about the nomination.
2) Share seven facts about your life with your readers.
3) Send the award to 15 other bloggers who you feel that have an interesting blog that you appreciate and let them know that they have received the nomination.

Here are the seven facts about me:
1) I have three first names, they are Elisabeth Yrsa Camilla
2) I come from Munkkiniemi, the Western part of Helsinki, but now I live in Töölö, 10 minutes from the city center of Helsinki
3) I'm passionate about people, culture, tourism, cooking, beauty and interior design
4) I love my work because I get to talk and get to know different types of people on a daily basis
5) Last year I decided not to buy any new clothes without first selling some old ones
6) I hate gossip and gelosy
7) I would like to improve my Russian and start to study Spanish or Arabic

and these are the blogs that I have decided to nominate:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let it snow!

Helsinki, -2 degrees

As I mentioned around Christmas time, this winter has been exceptional in Helsinki in many ways. We actually had to wait for snow until week five this year, and ever since it's been snowing! Right now we have about 30cm of snow in Helsinki, it's stunning! And if the predictions are accurate, we'll have another 20cm in the two following days! Just have a look at these stunning photos that have been taken in Helsinki!

This last picture has been taken before the heaviest snow fall that we had this week, because now even the tram tracks are covered with beautiful snow!


 I've been busy as a bee spending my time at the largest travel fair in Northern Europe - The Nordic Travel Fair Matka 2012! We have over 70 countries represented here right now-how exciting! The travel fair is Finland's biggest fair having a stunning 83 000 visitors! Have you ever been to a travel fair?

Yesterday I spent my day by browsing through the other stands. I especially liked the ones concerning Italy, Sweden, Israel and the USA. I also went to a seminar from travel professionals which was very informative and interesting.

Today on the other hand I have been standing at the Helsinki stand, and I must say that it was insanely busy today between noon and around four o'clock. My feet felt like two balloons when I came home so I had to take a foot bath straight away, haha!

My workplace has introduced a new representation outfit for this year's travel fair, designed by Finnish Ivana Helsinki, and here you can see some pictures of me wearing it! What do you think?

Tomorrow I'll take some photos of the actual fair and our huge 250m² stand for you!