Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love all, serve all

Helsinki, 13 degrees

Today at a work event I heard about that Hard Rock Café is finally reaching Helsinki in August this year! There has been rumors flying around about it since April, but today at the event I got to meet some representatives from the Hard Rock Café in Gothenburg in Sweden so I finally realized that it's not merely a rumor, but it's really going to happen!

It's going to have a very central location, in the immediate city center, so if you ask me, it's not going to have any problems in finding customers. I'm excited since I've learned during the last four-five years that there is a true demand for this type of theme restaurants since visitors ask for it almost on a daily basis in the Tourist Information, summertime I would even say that there is somebody asking for it everyday, sometimes more than once.


I believe the chain restaurants' popularity is based on the fact that it sells so many collector items that one can buy from each city that one visits, a kind of mementos. Food seems to be only the second most important factor, and there, it's the simpleness of the food that works, since one knows what one gets. And let's face it- Hard Rock Cafés have stunning cocktails.


What are your experiences of Hard Rock Cafés - tumbs up or down? How have they worked in your cities?


  1. Very nice, i liked!

  2. Cool pics!!!

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