Sunday, April 19, 2009


Thanks to all the obstacles I’ve encountered I forgot to write about last night. I had a great time with G and two of her friends I and M. We started our evening in Life Café, the same place as earlier this week. Here the girls always drink prosecco, sparkling wine that is. The reason why is easy to understand since the grape is grown mainly in the Veneto region of Italy, traditionally in an area near Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, in the hills north of Treviso. These areas are very close to the region where I find myself. I think this feature describes quite well how the youngsters here are. They admire trademarks and money. Even though they don’t mean anything bad with what they’re saying, I pick up and analyze everything. This is a fairly rich region and it’s noticeable. People talk about cars, yachts and trademarks. As I have mentioned earlier, G turned 22 last Thursday and we celebrated it yesterday. G’s birthday present from her boyfriend was a Burberry collar shirt. I think this describes quite well what people value here.

After spending about one hour at Life Café, we went to have a panino, a sandwish that is. Here in Pineta there is a great place called Panino ( )where they make tons of different sandwishes. I took one with spicy salame and pepperoni, sausage and peppers. It was enormous and soo good. At Panino, even G’s boyfriend Gi joined us.

Together with him, we headed to bar located outside with tends where the guests of the bar could leave a handprint on two great parasols. Here even the police passed by telling us to lower the volume. At twelve o’clock, Gi went home since he had been working all day and was tired. He works in a nightclub so obviously he has night shifts.

Finally, we reached the center of Pineta, and the bar called Tendabar, . It was full of people since yesterday was also the opening night for a local nightclub. I took a Caipiroska Fragola, with strawberries that is. It was amazing, with fresh and big pieces of strawberry inside. Here follows a photo of us four girls. What a great night!

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