Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy

Today working I heard our bartender talking to one of the owner of the hotel, and I recognized my name even though they were talking at our hotel’s bar, which is close to the reception but not attached. When I asked them about what they were talking about, they told me that a boy had left a note at the bar. Hehe, I had to laugh when I read the note. I have met this guy twice, he’s been to the bar here in the hotel because he knows the girls that work in the bar.

Anyway, in the note he asked me to have a cup of coffee with me. Cute thought, but the ironic part was that he didn’t have the balls to ask me in person but he had to do it through the bartender, so obviously the whole staff knew about it. Funnily enough when he returned in the afternoon, the owner of the hotel shouted to him like if he were my father, so I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. It was a funny scene with the owner shouting and defending me saying that the boy should not come to the hotel to disturb me. Crazy as it might sound, it made me feel good. It was nice to see that both the bartender and the owner were fighting for my honor. In some way, I must be a part of the staff in their minds and that’s nice. I finally play a role in this craziness called a hotel.

I also managed to ask my boss about dinner. Until now it has been quite unclear where I’m supposed to have it since I work at one hotel, but live in another. The rest of the staff living where I do, work in this hotel, so I have been kind of out of place. But today I got it cleared up. Most of the staff is really nice, and today I had my first meal with the staff of Hotel Alisei.

I have to mention that we’ve had the cutest Russian couple at the hotel for about a week. I have been happy to help them since I can talk with them in English, which is rare here since 99,99% of the conversation here is in Italian. This is a fact that strengthens your Italian very fast, but also makes it almost impossible for you to practice and use your other languages. For me, since I use on a daily basis four languages in Finland, this is demanding. But I have improved so much Italian in the two and a half weeks I’ve been here, that it makes sense to endure it. Can you believe that if you call or write an Italian hotel, I might answer you? For me, this is incredible!

Anyway, I was saying that I found this couple very nice, and especially their young baby boy. Today I gave a Moomin figure to the boy. In a sneaky way, I am marketing and promoting Finland without people even knowing it. Unfortunately the wife doesn’t speak anything else than Russian so I couldn’t ask her if she recognizes the character but maybe one day she will. That is all that matters. Besides that, working in a hotel, is all about the guests. I might be in another country with other customs, but I will always remain myself and treat the people and the hotel guests in my special way. I don’t like to build up hierarchical boundaries of what one can do and not. Fortunately this is a cozy, family owned hotel, so they accept my way of acting.

I’m excited about tomorrow since a big quantity of guests will arrive to celebrate the short holiday that starts in honor of the first of May. Let’s hope for sunny weather. Happy Vappu/vappen to all Finns, I wish I could be there with you! Celebrate for my sake too, and remember to celebrate safe. In Finland, there are crazy people on the streets. Take care of each other! I want you unharmed when I come back! Mi raccomando (which means something like “I’m telling you”)!

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